What do you class as Fatigue. Because yes I do tire very easily and could just sleep after been awake for 15 minutes. But also my muscle tire really easily. Like I could be holding a pot of tea and have to put it down to rest because my arm start to ache really quickly. Is this also classed as MS Fatigue? Or is that something else.

i class it all as ms fatigue.

why not? it beats admitting to being a lazy mare.

the ATOS assessor who visited me re my PIP claim asked me if i could dress myself.

i answered yes but then i need another sleep.

didn’t do me any good though as i scored very low.

so at first i was revolting but now i’m appealing!

carole x

Oh no Carole.they just cannot grasp the concept can they.get your appeal in .I lost out be cause the assessor asked me how I put my pants and bra on(in those words)he also put a ?

at the question about alcohol ,when I said I was tea total.it really sickens me when I look around at all the b$&!#?+$ that milk the system.they actually go online to ask each other how and what to say if they have been sent for assessment go for it carole and give them merry he’ll.

Don’t get me started on PIP assessors! The one who saw me seemed to be paying attention and writing everything down. When I got a copy of her report it was full of errors and omissions. So you should appeal, Carole, but get a copy of the report and use it to highlight what the assessor got wrong. I’m assuming that you have medical evidence to support your claim. Use that in your appeal as well.

As for fatigue, it can be physical or mental. It may take a short time or limited amount of effort to develop, or it may take more time or effort. We’re all different, but one thing’s the same. MS fatigue is a kind of tiredness that people who don’t have MS can’t appreciate. (My MS nurse knows that fatigue is different from ordinary tiredness, but she admits that she can’t appreciate how bad it is because she’s never experienced it.)

So if you’re tired enough to sleep after a short time, that’s fatigue. If you can’t hold a teapot for long, that’s fatigue. Some people might try to tell you that strength exercises will help with lifting things, but they don’t appreciate how MS affects the signals to the muscles that you use to lift things.

My fatigue doesnt actually me sleepy or tired, in a sense that I need to lay down and take a cat nap.

I just find that once I’ve hit my physical limit or feel I’m getting there, then I have to sit down or I will eventually just drop !.

I can feel my legs getting heavier an stiffer then weaker and weaker, then start to tremor, this builds up to an obvious limp and finally no controlled movement or strength.

As mentioned above MS fatigue cannot easily be explain, it’s only people with MS that can fully understand MS fatigue, certainly not some PIP assessor sitting at a lap top.

My wife is bloody fantastic and supportive, without her I think I would be finished, but even she cannot fully understand the type of fatigue that I sometimes try to explain.

Explaining the feeling of having MS and how it effects you is so so difficult, especially as your symptoms can alter from day to day and sometimes even hour to hour.

So how a stranger, who you’ve never met, can sit in front of you for half hour asking pre-set questions can give a real assessment is just a joke and an insult.