fatigue or relapse?

Hello I haven’t been on in a while last time I did I was on Avonex but this May started Fingolimod.It’s suited me fine apart from starting with migraines as oppose to headaches :frowning: I have rrms and my relapses have always involved sensory isssues pins and needles/numbness/ms hug etc.I had to come home from work last Thursday with migraine and by Saturday felt fine.I got up for work this morning well tried to and although I do suffer from fatigue on and off I literally felt like lead.I feel like every muscle in my body has been pulled and my arms and legs are so heavy, even my head feels too heavy for my neck! I have had the buzzing sensation l’hermittes thing when I bend my neck and my hands feel as if they are swollen although they are not but no pins and needles.I want to sleep but when I lie down my legs feel so restless and a little jerky? Do you think this is just fatigue or possibly a relapse? Can a relapse just cause fatigue? Thanks in advance any comments will be appreciated Cheryl x