Fatigue, do you wake up exhausted?

I woke up after sleeping 10 hours. Washed dressed then met two pals for lunch. I was dropped at the door of the restaurant, chatted, ate my delicious lunch and I swear after two mouthfuls I was craving bed again. Every day is becoming like this. Friends can only be so sympathetic then they feel sorry for me but I am lousy company.
Have slept two hours now want to wash and get into bed. How sad am I.
Has anyone found a solution? PLEASE help.

I'm better now I only sleep for 4-6 hours



Hi yes I get tired very quickly to i had such a bad spell in 2007 that lifting my head off the pillow would tire me enough to sleep for another couple of hrs!!. that took 3 months to start to lift and another 16 months to really be able to do anything much with out a sleep, but it did go and im just tired now as we have just had a bug and the kids have been home for the easter Hols, by 9.30 this morning i needed to rest for an hour so i could put some washing in. fatigue can be a real rotter of a symptom, and anyone that has experienced M.S tired (i believe its the same kind of tired as M.E tired) will sympathise , anyone who has not would find the experience of having someone pull the plug on their energy hugely different to 'normal tired'. i just go with it, try to rest before i get to that stage and just try to pace my self, i really want to go on a day out tomorrow, but instead ill take it easy this week, already done the food shop on line, hope it eases for you soon


Thank you so much. I never thought of anything like that. I have never had vitamin levels checked and will get a test ASAP.
All the best, Wendy.

Thanks so much. Hearing that you are in control helps. A family and the busy holidays must be a big challenge. I am trying so hard and just have myself and a caring husband at home but I will give myself a good talking to.

No solution I'm afraid although I understand there is some medication that can be taken.  

I feel exhausted when I get up and it lasts all day, and just look forward to bedtime.  I  had about 5 days without this feeling and it was great but back to the exhaustion now.

Take care


I'm with Wendy about D3 and gluten. I'm don't have coeliac disease, but I do feel far worse when I eat gluten. 

Do you have fatigue pain - or just (yes, 'just'  is an understatement!) an intense desire to sleep?

If it's sleep that you feel you need, then you should qualify for Modafinal. 

Back when it was licensed for use in MS, this was one of the symptoms that it was recommended for. 

I hope you feel a bit better soon. 

best wishes,


ps I wake up with fatigue pain if I over do things just a little bit. Does anyone else have this? 


My so called MS consultant told me that this had nothing to do with MS! I go to bed tired and wake up tired.  During the day things are really taxing.  This morning by the time I had done the school run (so got the baby up, fed dressed, me fed dressed, kids out of bed and driven to school, we have to, live in the middle of no where), and got home I went upstairs to put the baby to bed and physically could not get back downstairs again.  I lay on my sons bed and rested until I felt up to moving.

If I do too much, then I seem to pay for it for days.  Tomorrow is the day I take my daughter to a mum and toddler group and I know that after an hour my conversation dries up and I sit there thinking when can I go home as I'm so tired. 

I've tired all the meds for tiredness and never got on well with them.  And now the baby is on her umpteenth trip up the stairs and I'll have to go and fetch her, happy2