Fatigue followed by sickness

Hi everyone

I wonder if anyone else finds that after a particularly busy, possibly stressful day they end up feeling exhausted and sick and have to go to bed and sleep it off. I suppose it’s something to do with balance but haven’t met anyone else who has the same symptoms as me. This has been happening to me for the last 20 years off and on and now I find it happens more easily. I had an MS committee meeting on Monday evening and a support meeting on Tuesday afternoon. On the way home I felt very tired and sick and on arriving home had to lie down and sleep for an hour or more.

I think that what I’m asking is does anyone else get this and how do they cope with it, or is it all part of fatigue?



I put a post on here a few minutes ago, but it seems to have vanished.

Let’s see if this stays put!

I often get to the point where I feel like I might throw up, I’m so fatigued. Unfortunately, when I get this bad, I also usually can’t sleep. Cruel!

Karen x

Hello Wendy. I dont have a dx however I am awaiting an appointment with my neuro who has me on her books and only sees me when reffered by my gp as and when I have presented with a number of symptoms. I recently spent time at my sisters looking after her and her daughter after she had surgery, complications set in and my sister had to be re admitted to hospital. The knock on effect was that I pushed myself more than normal and didnt take rest breaks.

Since comming home I have had fatigue in abundence. I work full time nights and besides my work I have slept and done little else in almost two weeks and still feel very tired and listless. I hope to get back to the ‘Normal’ fatigue where I have been managing it …at least to an extent…this full on fatigue is awful.

PS. My sister has made a full recovery thank goodness and it was lovely to be able to spend time with my 4yr old niece.

Take care and I hope you are soon feeling at least a bit more on top of your fatigue. xx

If I over-exert myself - by maybe just a little, I get the shakes really bad, feel like I’m about to throw up and have an overwhelming urge to sleep. So fatigue just rocks - not!