Fatigue and breathlessness

Hi, worried and in need of help

my husband is suffering from a relapse at the moment, he was diagnosed 12 years ago and said this is the worst relapse since being diagnosed, anyway he is suffering from fatigue, he wakes exhaused and it gets worse as the day goes on. My consern is the breathlessness, he can’t walk very far without becoming breathless, he uses two walking sticks because his legs are weak and I just wondered if anyone else has suffered from breathlessness when fatigued?

any replies would be great

wendy x

Hi Wendy

I have the fatigue but i have never had the breathlesness your husband has, maybe best to get it checked out by the GP as it could be unrelated to the fatigue? Really important not to just put every problem down to the MS, which is so easy to do when there is a never ending array of symptoms!

Hope it gets sorted quickly for him and he gets some relief.

Laura x

Thanks laura, thats what I plan on doing

take care wendy x