Fanny Schmeller

Juvenile I know, but anybody else find this hysterical?

Freckles x

l watched Bradley Walsh - on Jonathan Ross reading out all these hilarious names. Well hilarious to us - but obviously not to the people whose name it is. Bradley had difficulty keeping a straight face - he kept ‘corpsing’.

That gave me a giggle and then I spotted another one where he has to read out Dick Tingeler - he corpsed at that too and so did I too. Maturity is very over-rated

Tracey x

I remember watching it when it was on The Chase originally. Absolutely hilarious. Bradley Walsh was in husterics.

Shazzie xx

I may be an adult but may I never grow up! Maturity is indeed over-rated. Laughter is the best medicine.

I also saw it on The Chase and how Bradley couldnt compose himself.

Twas funny tho.


Thanks Elmo, just looked that one up, I think the correct answer was Willie Whacker!