Family day for the young with MS.

Hi,i hope everyone is as well as they can be.I was wondering or rather Sam was asking me if there was a family day this summer for kids/teens with MS,we couldnt make it to the one last year.

regards Sandra

Hiya Sandra

Good to see you around here. I am sorry-I cant answer your question but maybe Greg will see your post through the week and get back to you.

Or you could ask him via PM.

Ellie x

hi thank you,yes i message will be useful,theres a few other mums who have a child with MS who im in touch with asking the same too.Thanks.


Hi Sandra

Like the one at Drayton Manor last year? Or were you at another one somewhere else?


So, I spoke to the lady who organised Drayton last year and she says she hoping to do something again this year.

It all depends on funding and, if it happens, will probably be a day again but there’s an outside chance of a weekend too.