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Hi, I’m new so nice to meet you all :slight_smile: To start off. I don’t have MS as far I know. I’m 30 years old and have been having what seem like random and mysterious symptoms since my mid teens and the possibility of ms has just flew through my mind numerous times over those years (as has a great many other things) Obviously I won’t list every random little symptom I’ve ever had but I just want to give a few examples to see if anyone with ms can relate if they wouldn’t mind. One of the bigger major things I can vividly remember is when I was about 18 or 19 I woke up one day randomly with this heavy feeling above both my eyes. It hurt so badly I had to spend most of the day walking around looking at the floor if I tried to look straight ahead like when talking to someone it felt like my eyes were trembling trying to remain there and I’d make up a distraction or excuse to look at the floor again s. I stupidly went to see the occupational nurse who was at my workplace at the time who more or less just shrugged and said it was probably muscle tension ( she was a useless nurse in general and the company eventually got rid of her ) I just assumed she was probably right as I had been very stressed the night before. I had a hot bath when I got home hoping if it was muscle tension that would soothe it as it usually does. It didn’t. It lasted 3 months and gradually got a tiny bit better with each passing week. I was so terrified I never bothered seeing my GP also because the ‘nurse’ said it was muscle tension so naively I took her word. The reason I came on here is because I’ve been having another symptom for well over a year now that doesn’t seem to be improving. My knees keep giving away randomly, particular my left leg. I thought at the beginning it’s maybe a bit arthritis ( i’m a manual labourer in a factory so to get arthritis at a young age isn’t that rare) but I have no pain at all, or swelling or redness, they just randomly drop 2-3 or sometimes 10 times a day. I keep thinking about going to see the doctor about this but again I’m just worried it’s nothing and I’m wasting the doctors time if I make an appointment it was only when I typed in this symptom recently loads of stories came up about people with ms having problems with walking?? Like I said there have been dozens and dozens of random things that no doctor or nurse has ever been able to pinpoint to anything but those 2 in particular seem odd and I’m just desperate to find an answer so if anyone can help I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks


There’s only one thing worse than not going to the doctor and that is going to Doctor Google.

Searching your symptoms on the Internet is about as useful as reading the back of a cereal packet to find out how to grow wheat.

If you are concerned about your symptoms you must see a doctor. Nobody here can tell you what is causing your legs to give way, or explain the pain above your eyes. As for the “dozens and dozens of random things” you mention, that could be anything from athlete’s foot to Mad Cow Disease.

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Thanks for replying Albrecht, I know what I said as ‘dozens and dozens’ of symptoms sounds very vague and there’s a 99% chance they were nothing and you are right google is something of temptress full of hysteria but it did slightly alarm me to see loads of ms stories crop up that’s all. I probably over reacted out of panic. The reason I posted about the eye pain was because I was hoping someone could tell me their experience of optic neuritis to see if the symptoms I had fit those or not. I do plan to visit the doctor though.

hi redboy

please see your doctor on monday and get back to us with an update.

panic is a bad thing, it leads to anxiety which leads to all sorts of crap.

us lot on here cannot diagnose you.

30 is a brilliant age to be so enjoy it while it lasts.

carole x


Your eye problem doesn’t sound like any kind of optic neuritis I’ve experienced. But actually that means nothing. Our bodies all behave very differently and ON (if that’s what it was) can manifest in many ways.

I’m a bit surprised that you are focussing on the eye problem from 10+ years ago. Unless the reason you’re mentioning that is simply that it has always been a bit under explained, plus it could be something one of us can relate to.

‘Problems with walking’ in MS can come from about a hundred different reasons. So I wouldn’t necessarily expect your latest knee problems to have anything related to MS.

However, as I said, we are all so very different that anything could be related to any diagnosis. Whether it be early onset arthritis, an autoimmune condition, something orthopaedic or rheumatoid, or in fact something very easily corrected, all you can do is what you’ve said you’ll be doing. See your GP, ask their opinion (print out the things you’ve mentioned on here, it will remind you) and try not to get stressed about your health.


There are people on here that know much more about MS than me, and will be able to advise you on that, but I do know a bit about ON as I had a friend who had this independent of MS.

Generally, ON will manifest itself as an actual vision problem. Blurred vision, double vision, cloudy vision that sort of thing. Like everything else, there will be rare variants of it that might manifest slightly differently, but as I say, what you described with your eyes does not sound anything like ON. It also doesn’t generally manifest itself for 3 months and then disappear for over 10 years so I wouldn’t be too concerned about ON.

Sorry, finally got a diagnosis. CIS, I’m currently low risk to developing MS. I had an MRI and a few spots were found. My lumbar puncture was ok. I have ON and my vision is slowly coming back after 4 weeks. More the colour saturation at the momnent. Since my MRI scan I’m now ecperiencing like electric shock symptons when i even just put my head down. My symptoms have been multifocal, and i haven’t been sympton free since January. I’m going back to the Neurologist in 3 weeks. So i presume all this will go on it’s own?