Facial spasms - help needed

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis triggered by MS (double surprise), and I’m currently researching both as much as I can to understand the symptoms, but right now my jaw muscles are in spasm and I can’t find any hints to try to relieve them! Please can someone suggest something that might relax the blinking muscles so I can talk without looking like a ventriloquists dummy!! I’ve taken Baclofen and tried heat and massage but I’m still cramping.

Can they not give you some diazepam? It acts as a muscle relaxant and you should only need a low dose. Transverse myelitis was my first attack, I didn’t have the jaw issues but I was numb from the waist down. Not pleasant. Hope it eases soon for you x

I’ve got some diazepam. I’ll give it a try as the Baclofen hasn’t touched it. Thank you for responding.

Hi I also experience these spasms and that was one of my first symptoms years ago but have not yet been diagnosed yet. Doctor has been fobbing me off for years. However I’m now experiencing this again after a bad relapse on Monday. All Dr has to say is he doesn’t know why it’s happening and it’s very odd. I am beino refereed to a neurologist and an eeg. Hopefully they will finally find out whas causing all these horrible symptoms including not being able to walk properly. I do hope you are not still experiencing this