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allo, I had an ordeal yesterday! I left the optician`s in tears.

I went for a check,as I felt I could need new reading specs.

After answering all the questions and signing a form, I was taken to do the puff in your eye and the field of vision tests. I couldnt get anywhere near the required position to do the tests.

So then I was taken into the room for the full tests. The chap was nice and friendly and asked the usual question.

Can you get out of your wheelchair? No, I need a hoist I replied. Ok.

So getting up to the machines was impossible. Too high, to much to one side and the desk didnt have enough leeway.

So I moved the control arm back and sideways…it does that fine. I was asked to lean forward…I cant…I have no core strength and asked for a cushion.

He brought one.,…chuffin ell fire! It was a big one, like from a sofa seat! he tried to shove it down my back…an rammed me forward.

I held my breath for a few seconds and he pulled the cushion out and I flopped back…quite breathless!

I still wasnt exactly where I needed to be. he asked if the chair could be moved manually and he would wriggle it in…hmm?

He asked if I could get out of the chair, again…I said no…for chuff sake, eh? He looked puzzled and asked how I got into it if I couldnt get out. I repeated the word HOIST! Stupid man! I`d educated an educated man!

He asked if he could remove my leg rests, which he did and then my foot got stuck by the wheel!

I suggested my carer come in to assist. He said he didnt need her. Well I bloody did!

He completed the test and I was pointed put into the sales area.

I chose frames from the £69.99 range and was told they wouldnt be suitable for my needs. Eh? Why? I asked. I was then subject to a load of babbling optician speak.

The final cost for new specs was £159…WTF???

I said Id got too tried and bamboozled to make a purchase. I needed to think. Then I was called to take the 2 tests Id been unable to make earlier on. No, no no no more! I told my carer to tell them I`d had enough and was leaving, which I did.

Ive been expecting them to call, but they havent. And Im not going back, to be shoved and faffed with either!

Anyone used The Outside Clinic?


Specsavers do a free home visit Poll, I believe they are very good. I have mine done by a local firm, & they know how to do their tests without causing any problems or trying to force you into equipment!!! Have a look online, there’s a few of them. I don’t pay extra because they come out. xx

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I tried Specsavers home service about 2 years ago, wasted six months. Remember that all Specsavers branches are separate companies.

First pair were rubbish. so the boss came out to do a retest. His prescription was way different from that which his employee had come up with.

The new pair were rubbish. It took several weeks to get a refund.

I found a small local optician (the chain covers just one county) that I could park the car and walk to.
The man there prescribed something that Specsavers had told me was impossible to do.

Cost a lot (a real lot) more than specsavers, but I am still wearing them nearly two years later.

Now, I always tell any optician that “my Doctorate is in an area of human vision, and I do know what some of the words mean”. The good ones are always interested, the dodgy ones will still tell me “porkies”.

The “puff in the eye” pressure test can be done with a hand held tester, it is important as the first sign of glaucoma. The visual field is really only relevant to driving, but it can inform on other potential problems

Watch it Poll - they may pull your chariot licence.

Shhhh! I never got a licence for t’chariot!


Watch out Poll - those druids in Swansea will be after you … Geoff

You asked about The Outside Clinic Poll.

Both my wife and I got hearing aids from them.
The testing was very thorough.
We did not go for the cheapest aid (that was the same as the NHS issue), but one step up in the price range.

Found out later that this particular aid was discontinued/end of line!

OK, it is better than the NHS aid, and the service is better than our local audiology was.

A general comment would be that they use contractors to deliver their service, not employees.
So, if you are in (say) Worcester, you may get the guy who covers from Cheltenham to Redditch, but the fitting could be by the guy who covers Evesham to Kidderminster.
The guy on the phone in Swindon always seemed to be in a dream.

Another general comment is that eye testing is very much dependent on distance.
That’s why they want you in a particular chair, so that the Snellen chart (Thats the one with all the letters) is the correct distance from your eyes.
If they do not get this distance correct, then the test is not likely to be valid.
Eye pressure, general vision,even diplopia (double vision) CAN be tested at home, but I would always be wondering if the guy who skipped one of these tests was more concerned about the time (as in paid per visit) than about being precise.

Now, I used to have a Pentax OH-1 Lens Tester (gave you a quick take on the strength of the lens, and any correction for astigmatism). I sold it as part of a clearout of optical/photo stuff - to a couple near Leicester who “did home eye-tests”.
Note that by the time $pec$avers came to my house, they were using an OH-4.
To me that would suggest that the people who bought mine wanted to look like they had all the kit, not to have the right kit.

Now, I will always go to an optician where they have the right kit - provided I can walk in.
For you, in a chariot, I suggest a phone call to be sure that they can acommodate you.
I would not go near anyone with a fancy high street shop and a load of special offers.


thankyou Geoff, for taking the time to give me all this info.

I am undecided what to do now.

I am increasing the size of print here!