Eye abductor muscle

Hi last September I started having vision problems. Decreased considerably in one eye. Turns out it was abductor muscle and it was making my eye stop moving across. I also had double vision. Prescription is back to it was before but still getting double vision. Neuro says it’s an MS symptom. Does anyone get Abductor problems and how long did it resolve? Thanks Joanne x

I have had double vision twice both times it lasted approx six weeks. Vision was going double at the edge of left eye Christmas week but went back to normal after about a week.

No lasting problems, my eyes have deteriorated over the years but I think it’s an age thing rather than MS.

Jan x

Thank you Jan. I am glad the prescription went back to normal just frustrated with double vision. Optician recons I will have vision issues at each relapse. Can’t have this every year! Thanks again Joanne

Yes, Joanne, it’s an MS thing all right.

There are several things that can cause double vision, and the muscles that move the eyeball around is/are one of them.
You need to see an opthalmologist, and/or your nearest orthoptics department.
This may just be one of the things that can be cured (or minimised) by exercises, but you really do need an expert opinion.

Either your Neuro, or your GP can refer you.


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Thanks Geoff. It is causing me problems but not the pain of iritis or the loss of vision early on but I am at the stage of worrying I will be like this forever and it is part of the residues from relapses. I think it’s time I spoke to GP! Thanks again