my legs have been really painful this week. they feel heavier than usual and the aches and pains go right up into my bum cheeks.

so i’m wondering will a gym session make it better or make it worse?

suppose theres only one way to find out.

i’ve never felt so reluctant!

carole x

Hi Carole I think a rest might be a better option than a gym session, you may make the problem worse then you could be laid up for days. Don’t want to dampen your spirits but listen to what your body’s telling you, and from what you write it’s telling me it’s a no go. Sorry Sue xx

I agree with sue, rest and listen to your body carole, I don’t do that enough, and I usually pay for it, a gym session might be a good idea down the line a bit, but, going by what you are saying, I dont think so just now.



hi sue and jools

you were so right! i did 10 minutes and then went for a coffe and a sulk!

i have an appointment with my ms nurse in 2 weeks and this time i’ll not be telling her all is fine (like i usually do)

i dug out all my painkillers which i stupidly put away because i thought i didn’t need them any more

so i’ll have an afternoon of popping pills.

seems no matter how hard i try and how hard i push myself, i end up going backwards

ah well its a lovely day out there

carole x

Hi, is there a chance you could go for a gentle swim instead? The water will help take your weight and you could feel more relaxed.

luv Pollx