Hello, Iam tired all the times if go for gym and swimming pools will be worst?

Thanks for any advice.


Hi,I find exerise gives me more energy, and when I’m outside it really helps with my mood and I feel much more positive. just finding something what I like doing really helps me.



Fatigue is a bugger of a symptom. Exercise can help, but so can rest. Generally, you can’t just keep ‘pushing through’ bone deep tiredness aka fatigue, sometimes you just have to rest.

Have a look at


if you go to a gym be aware that you can’t do as much as you once could.

i used to easily do 30 minutes on the cross trainer but the first time i used it after my diagnosis my legs went really jelly like.

swimming is a non weight bearing exercise and so most people find it ok.

however we all have different experiences.

for me it’s lovely in the water but hell getting dry and dressed afterwards.

take it easy and try to find something that works for you.

Hi Greg,

Have you ever been advised amantadine? It’s basically an anti viral which is used to help with fatigue. I’ve been using it at 100mg( 200 mg is the other dosage available), and it really works for me.

But of course firstly, try other available options, like having regular breaks, and of course, with MS itself fatigue is many times a major nasty issue we MSers deal with.

Hope it helps