Is rest best

Hi everyone I’ve had a a lot of new numbness in my leg in the last couple of days trying not to get upset but wondering if it’s better to rest or try and ignor it and get on with some light exercise ?

Hi Lindae57,

I would say it depends on whether it is just numbness or whether it is numbness and lack of strength. Personally if I felt my leg was find in every other way i would do some light exercise. If however you feel that the leg will not support you, take it easy & rest. The last thing you want to do is to fall and make things worse.

Try a few tests at home to see you have a lack of strength and its just numb. If you go to the gym there are loads of things you can do which does not require you have control of where your feet go - stepper, bike, rowing machine etc. Also if you are feeling below par in your general health then take it easy as well.

Good luck hun

JBK xx

hi linda

its up to you. you could try light exercise but stop if its uncomfortable.

i used to believe it was doing me good going to the gym but nowadays the fatigue ups its game and i feel like 50 shades of sh*t.

good luck

carole x

Hi Linda,

I think everything in moderation. If you know you’re having a bad patch (suspected relapse) you might want to relax your normal schedule a bit - the same as if you were ill with anything else. But it doesn’t mean you must take to bed immediately, and not move. Be guided by what your body’s telling you. If it still feels fine to do something, you won’t be harming yourself by doing it. I remember continuing to work, doing shopping, and even going to the ballet (watching, not performing!) - all with completely numb feet. Commonsense is fine. Life can get very miserable, as well as inconvenient, if you tell yourself only complete bedrest will do.

There may be times that’s true, but there’s no rule about it - you know best how you feel.

Hope you feel better soon.



Hi Thanks so much it helps so much to know other people know how it is. I’ve decided to just carry on doing some light dusting around the house and I’m going to get in a bit of shopping and most of all be thankful that I can :-))

I find pilates really helps my right leg, especially the stretching exercises. Also, my MS nurse recommended I massage it gently - my spasticity makes me want to kick out to loosen the tightness. She said that would probably make things worse. So some nights my husband sits with my leg across his lap alongside our puppy, massaging both! Bless him!

Hi everyone just a update well I am pleased to say I’m making quiet a good recovery despite still waiting to see a consultant neurologist at hospital. My legs still have patches of numbness but have managed to do my voluntary job in the British Heart Foundation shop which involves a lot of walking and standing. I am so pleased as it is important for me to work and feel useful and be part of the community. It’s a shame that there’s no MS shops. Anyway I hope that I will continue to make progress and get my life back again for a while it’s not been easy dragging myself around but I’m sure that you all know what it’s like and it’s so nice to come on here for a moan so Thank you all for listening :-)))