Hi everyone :slight_smile: I am new here. Im really struggling right now with fatigue pain and legs that are weak and dont do what I tell them and awful restless leg syndrome and itching and reoccurong uti’s. I cannot wash and dress and go to rhe toilet without help anymore and require crutches to walk around the house. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis recently but my doctor has reffered me to a neurologist as I keep getting strange symptoms E.g. My left hand just will not type Or play the piano, I really struggle to find words when talking, Random twitches but mainly in right hand and left eye, Feeling like I have a wet leg, hand curling up and wont move, dropping things, overshooting when I go to do something and knocking things flying and then to top it all off I woke up at 4:30 with a horrible crushing feeling in my rib cage and its still here now. Are there other causes for all this or am I trying to fight the enevitable diagnosis.

Hi, welcome. There are many different things that have the same symptoms as MS so don’t take it as inevitable. The first step has already been taken as you’ve been refferred. The neuro will work it out but it can take a long time so be prepared for a long journey. Some people do get a diagnosis very quickly and hopefully that will be the case for you. In the meantime, anything you need to ask, there is usually someone on here who can help. Welcome to limbo land

Sharon x

Hi and Welcome,

Sharon is right it could be a number of things, but the good news is that you have been refered, now the waiting game starts which is horrilbe but at least you know you’re now in the system so to speak.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before appointment and the answers you need. Keep with the forum you aren’t alone in this.

Take care


Hi, just wanted to welcome you to the forum and hope things get sorted for you.

luv Pollx

Thank u so much for the replies ladies, sorry I had probs working out how to use this thing lol. I have had symptoms for years but the doctor I was with wasn’t very nice so I just didn’t tell him ( told him years ago I had pcos he told me I was stressed and put me on antidepressants and by the time I convinced him to scan me I had a cyst weighing 5lbs and had to have my ovary removed) so at least my doc now is listening, I do hope its not too long for me to get a diagnosis as I have a large young family and my hubby has had to quit work to take care of us, id like to at least be avle to try to control the fatigue. Anyway enough moaning from me, how are you ladies getting on ? Krissy :slight_smile: