Hi Everyone

I would love to hear from Essential Tremor sufferers and any treatments that work for it

Hi Katherine


I too have a horrible tremor which makes writing an impossibility and eating a nightmare!


I have heard that beta blockers can help with this, but I also have to take warfarin, so they

are reluctant to let me try, but perhaps someone else may have a suggestion for you.  I

will keep my eye on your post with interest.


Take care


Hi Pam

Thank you for your reply, I did try beta blockers but I had to stop as they made my asthma worse.

Gabapentin made the tremors worse

I often wonder why they call it 'essential' tremors as I would happily live with out them - theres nothing essential about them !!!!!!!


Hello Katherine,

I suffer with myoclonic jerks and I was prescribed Clonazepam, and it works, I also take Warfarin. You increase the dosage slowly and at first you, or rather I did, got the most awful headaches but I persevered and the headaches went. They haven't gone completely but are a heck of a lot better. I find they occur more when I'm tired or have been sitting in one position for to long. Hope this helps.



Hi Katharine,

Like Janet I suffer with myoclonic jerks and I'm also on Clonazepam. I had to up the dose after a while but otherwise I find them okay. The pills haven't stopped the jerks altogether but there's definitely a vast improvement compared to what they were like.

Hope that helps

Debbie xx  


I have now been prescribed Topiramate for the tremors so I will see if they work

I will ask the neuroligist about Clonazepam

Many thanks for all the replies