What to expect.

I have been on ESA since 2014,in March I had to refill my forms again.I now have to go for an assessment.

Hi Jak

Check out Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) - Citizens Advice or

Both have guides to ESA (and PIP) I prefer the Benefits and Work information because it is so comprehensive, but for access to the complete package of guides you need to join and it costs about £20 for the year.

Good luck with it (horrible things benefit claims)


hope the assessment goes well for you hun.



I would strongly advise you to look at this site.

It’s £20 to join but there are sometime offers discounting the joining price.

It’s probably the best £20 I’ve spent.

They explain what each question means and have guides to filling out forms.

Welfare rights are also good and in some cases they will send someone to represent you (usually appeals).

There are also phone numbers on their site.


Hi,just an update had my assessment it went well the lady doing it was aware of MS and how it affected me daily.Now the wait for the brown envelope to arrive.

Jamie…Ps thanks for your advice.