ESA question

does anyone on ESA know,if you have a private pension and it was disregarded with your incapacity benefit,

if it will still be disrgarded with your claim for ESA if put in the support group,

i have had conflicting advice, i looked into a while ago and can remeber reading that if you had been on IB from many years ago you that you had grandfather rights,and your pension would be still disregarded.

Not heard about grandfather rights!

But as far as I know, if your private pension is over a certain amount, your ESA is reduced by 50p in the pound.

There must be someone else who can tell us…perhaps Wendells. She knows a lot of stuff!


thanks poll just found out my private pension will still be disregarded as i was on IB before 2001 and because i am on higer rate dla too.they normally reduce it if its over £85,which mine is,but pleased mine will still be disregarded.

J x

Hi mrs J

as you have found out the rules that existed regarding your occupational pension when you first started claiming IB still pertain to ESA. It is only indirectly due to being in the support group. This grandfathering relates to contribution based ESA but you only get contribution based for 12 months if you are not in the support group.

however your relief might be short lived. Watch the budget on July 8th with great care because the pundits reckon contribution based ESA is at risk of axing. If you have a working partner, savings or an occupational pension you will not be eligible for income based ESA.

i live in fear of loosing my ESA. No savings or partner but I do have an occupational pension. They are not means testing every benefit of course, child benefit and winter fuel alliance for example will continue to be paid to the wealthy (God forbid that they loose these votes) so Lord and lady whoever will get help with their gas bill but I will get nothing!

Sorry to be bearer of gloomy news.



I have ESA income based have £240 month pension .They knocked my ESA down to £12.65 a week.


Hi Jane,i am only just starting the process of moving to ESA from IB, due to a long backlog,i joined the benefitsandwork site, and getting all the info,so are you saying that this budget on the 8th could see ESA scrapped.for us that have a pension or savings or partner that works,even if we are in support group,if so it bl***y stinks it really does,oh well i wont be the only one to loose out .they should just give us all a pill to go to work earn a decent living and then when we are ill ,dont get any help.

J x

Hi Graham.this is whats so confusing,it makes me feel like not even bothering to fill the forms in,are you in the support group too.what i read was that is you claimed IB before 2001,and your pension was disregarded it still would be on ESA,if you got put into support group,but looks like thats not going to be the case with this 8th july budget.

J x

What stinking rotten change of benefit rules indeed! And there you and I, Mrs j , were rejoicing your news!.

Summat that stopped my good fortune too was when I went from esa, which entitled me to full help with specs and dental costs, to state pension. Now I get no help at all!

Stinky no?

Luv pollxo

Boudica you may be entitled to partial help with dental and specs costs if you are on a state pension.

Help with health costs

Prescriptions and sight tests are free to people aged 60 and over, but other health costs such as dental treatment and glasses can be expensive.

If you get the guarantee part of Pension Credit, you should get free dental treatment, travel costs to hospital, and help towards glasses.

Even if you don’t get the guarantee credit, you may still get some help towards these costs if you have a low income and no more than £16,000 savings (£8,000 if you are under 60).

You need to fill in form HC1. Ask your dentist, optician etc, before paying for treatment.

I don’t know for sure, only what I have read but they plan to make a £12 billion cut in the welfare bill so it’s going to bite somebody. I get my state pension in about 5 years so not too long to struggle but after working and contributing for over 2 decades it’s a bit of a slap in the kisser.

Hi mrsJ

I have been waiting 18months for an assessment from Atos then Maximus. I spoke to Maximus they told me their doctor has it in hand. I should have been in the support group over 12 months ago.


Graham that is disgusting that you have been waiting 18 months,it really is,hope it gets sorted for you soon.good luck.

J x

I’m still waiting for my assessment, too. I switched from SSP to ESA at the beginning of April last year. At least the money they owe me will get backdated.

But yeah, the waits are crazy, aren’t they. For someone in severe need it’s pretty unacceptable, I’m just lucky that I’m not, but I know it’s not like that for others.

Hope both of ours come along soon, Graham!

Should that be a week not a month? If it is a month then they are deducting too much off your ESA and you need to speak to someone and have it assessed again.

Jan x

If it is income based ESA then it is probably right. It is to do with the figure that the government deem you need each week. On income based the whole of your pension is deducted from this figure and they pay the remainder (or pay nothing if the pension is higher than the Magic figure) it is only on contribution based that they disregard the first £85 and then reduce by 50p for every additional pound.

I thought the majority was supposed to come from the so-called “in work” benefits, such as tax credits and housing benefit? Aren’t they also going to lower the cap on maximum benefit per household - but NOT including disability-related benefits? I.e. the cap won’t come into play if it’s PIP or ESA that puts you over it.

Thanks for that Jane, I’m on contribution based so don’t/didn’t know the rules for income based.


There’s a bit about it on the BBC news website and welfare cut options they are considering further down the page.