ESA Letter

I’ve just received a letter from the Benefits Centre telling me

i’m about to be assessed and i may have to go to a Work Capability

Assessment nothing has happened yet but i’m already worried

they’ll say Benefit will stop unsure what to do or say when they ask.

If you can please help…

My best advice would be to join Benefits and work website (

Hi, I’ve just gone/still going through this myself, I got the forms, got help filling them in, I also enclosed a letter from my GP, plus from my physio and o.t, I got a call from job centre plus saying they where happy with everything and wouldn’t be calling me for a medical, now they still but me in the work related group, which basically means that I have to go for an interview at the job centre, when I said there was no chance of me working, they said they didn’t expect me to find a job, crazy I know, they would contact me again in 2yrs, I said I wasn’t happy with this, and I felt I should be the support group, they where very good and said I should appeal, which I am, I will still get my benefits while this is going on, my advice get someone to help you with the forms, and get as many letters as you can to support you’re claim, good luck and try not to worry to much, Jean