ESA Advice

Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. Just a quick question regarding ESA. Do you have to continue sending sick certificates after 13 weeks and been placed in the support group? Ash :slight_smile: x

Hi Ash,

Once 13 weeks had elapsed and I’d been put into the support group, I no longer had to submit sickness certs. anymore.

(…of course, until that initial 13 weeks was up, the DWP were very quick to cancel ESA payments without any explanation, and it took several phonecalls to sort out !! )

I’d therefore be inclined to keep providing sick notes until the DWP told me they were no longer required.

Mind you, that’s just based on my personal experience. I’m sure others will be along to advise and soon you’ll be spoilt for choice of how best to proceed ?!!

Best of luck!