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ok, so i signed up to a job looking place called inspire to independance who help people to look for a job, it is completely voluntary, i started early last year and had the advisor from hell there, he talked to me like crap and started to threaten me when i asked for phone calls for the times i couldnt get in, he told me if i didnt go into the place then i wont like what he does to me (ie sanctions) so i freaked out coz it was a male who threatened me and didnt go for 3 months, i eventally had a call to go back in, so i arranged to see a different person, i explained to them who i saw and what he said and that i was really scared to see him again as i came close to punching him, they said not to worry as they had to sack him, so i saw a different advisor once then after that i didnt hear anything till yesterday when i had a phone call asking me to go in to see them, i told them im having a ms relapse at the moment and i cant go in for a couple of weeks, he said no problem ill arrange it to suit you, i thought that was nice, till he said i have to make sure i came in as i didnt want anything happening to my money, freaking to@@ers, they are the ones who didnt bother with me till now, its nothing but one a@@hole after another pretending to be nice, they know what scares me and how i get stressed, now im scared that in the mean time they will get my money messed around with, how can i get out of this and stop seeing them? can i tell them to take me off there books? or can i go to the job centre and get them to have a word? my job centre lady is really nice and helped me so much last time i saw her as she understands alot of ms n mental health herself from friends n family members, is this the only time i can say that that place wil make my mental health worse like it did last time to get out of it? i dont think i can say anything else as i got the feeling they wont take no for a answer

it is thru the job centre, the last place i went to they put a group of us in a room with the yellow pages and a newspaper and told us we werent allowed to leave the room till its time to leave, i explained i cannot be round too many people and can i go to the next room on my own, to that he refused, by the end of the week i went suicidal coz i couldnt take it, i saw the advisor and she said shes signing me off that group, i found out a few weeks later they got shut down n facing a investigation, these are worse, the pretend to be nice but threaten you with your benefits if you dont jump to what they say, it is a voluntary thing i did by going with them it wasnt a job centre demand, im going to go to this appointment then telling them i wont be going any more, if they threaten me again, then im seeing the job centre and complaining about them, i refuse to be threatened, especially by some jumped up male who thinks he can frighten me, i can guarantee im not the only one they are doing it to, im fed up of being scared all the time of one thing or another, i have enuf to try to cope with without getting scared if i wont get any esa to pay my bills and get food

Hi, sounds horribleā€¦have you been told by DWP that you have to find a job?

If you have serious health issues (mental or physical or both), then are you in the wrong ESA group?

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Vicky, if it is completely voluntary just stop going and report them to the DWP.


i havent been told i have to get a job, this was a voluntary thing that the job centre advisor lady told me about in at the time and thought i might be interested in, this was a week after i was told i had ms, so everything was up in the air (besides i was scared if i didnt say yes that i woyuld have my money stopped), i thought i could hold down a job, but i cant, im in the esa wrag group, i tried to ask about the support group but i was told by the job centre that unless i had a condition that meant i was dying then they arent accepting anyone else into the support group without that kind of thing going on, so im now stuck in the wrag group, i have severe deppression, personality disorder, irritable bowel syndrome and ms, i have a severe problem with men which is linked up with my anger problem and spend alot of my time trying not to beat the hell out of any male i feel threatened by, on one hand i want to go to tell them im no longer going to see them n on the other hand i dont coz if he gets funny with me i know what im going to do, im stuck in a group i cant get out of

i know the ms has worsened, ive been on crutches for the last 5 months, i cant stand or walk longer than 20 mins without my legs going to jelly and hurting like hell, i spend most of my tuime now asleep which is doing my head in, the painkillers im on knock me out anyway, im just stuck, the job centre are stuck on there views about the support group and thats it, they wont budge, so even if i ask to get reassessed i got a feeling they will say no to the support group, i have my psychiartists report that says i have hallucinations and the personality disorder and that i need intensive psychiatric help along with my anger, my dr has just had to change my anti deppressants again, this is the 4th lot ive bin tried on so far over the years as the others dont work, i have a confirmation letter from the neurologist saying i have ms and that i need to have steroid treatment as i have alot of pain in my legs and having continous problems with them, i have yet another esa for to fill in in 3 months to see if i need to have another atos assessment

Really sorry to hear what you have been put through others are absolutely right they have treated you badly and misinformed you. I was also informed by the DWP that only the dying get into the support group and scarily enough am now in support group!!! Thankfully not dying and also not diagnosed.

Take a look at the Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defense of Disablility Rights they have very relevent help and advise regarding the use of section 29 and 35 regulations with your GP support to be exempted from the assessment process. Worth a look and hope it helps