epilepsey and m.s

Hello All just wondering if anyone knows if measles which I had at the age of 5 and caused me to suffer from epilepsey and migraine until I was around 40,be the reason that neuro thinks I have m.s now?

Hi Breesha,

No, there is no known connection between measles and MS. It is theorised there is a link between MS and the Epstein-Barr virus - a common virus most people have had - but it has NOT been conclusively proved. There is no known lifestyle or environmental factor that has been proved to cause MS, although there is strong evidence that smoking, low vitamin D and having an affected blood relative all contribute to the risk. They are still not causes though, as not everyone with these risk factors gets MS, but many without them still do. If they ever do find out the cause, it’s likely to be a complex interplay of different factors, and not any one thing.

Childhood measles would not lead a neuro to suspect MS more strongly. It would make no difference either way.


Thank you Tina, I guess I’m just clutching at straws,trying to find something to blame it on xxx