Well finished 5 days steroids 2 days ago , was on a high when on them But now my toes , left leg constantantly like there on fire. Painkillers ahoy So had enough and hoped they would sort me …double vision and unsteadiness still with me. How do you cope ???

Gray, I’m new to this too and felt like hell when I stopped my 5 day course. I felt like I’d been beaten :frowning:

I see the neurologist for the 2nd time this week and I’m scared as over the longer term, I’ve only had minor improvement.

I don’t know that everyone copes, I just get on with as much as I can, I don’t feel like I totally ‘live’ now. The internet is great as it saves walking, seriously, I haven’t been to shops on my own since before Christmas.

I’ve just had the biggest cull imaginable in facebook as I realised that I don’t need to know half the pole instructors in the country when I had to stop teaching anyway. I now slowly deleting people I met at practices, competitions, workshops etc. as I depresses me so much now.

Oops, sorry starting to ramble! To me, coping means just that, nothing seems to be easy or spontaneous anymore and I guess that’s something to get used to.

Sonia x

Rubbish ain’t it I’ve gone from a healthy 45 year old man working and travelling all around the country , to a sad stay at home dog sitter in 10 weeks. Maybe I was being naive but ( as supposedly first flare . I would return to some sort of normal ) life just seems to have left me behind. I know people say stay positive but what’s the point if you can’t do anything you used to enjoy. Done too much research and thought flares came and went and I could have another bite of the cherry ( so to speak ) Sorry for the self pitting rant but worse times , wife gone work kids at school and a long day ahead

Hi Gray,

I think perhaps you’re being a bit impatient if you think no improvement is possible after just ten weeks. I’ve had relapses lasting a year - seriously!

I’m not saying yours will be that long. An average relapse is five or six weeks, but ten is certainly too soon to know for sure which effects - if any - will be permanent.

Relapses do come and go. I think you might just have had slightly unrealistic expectations about how fast they should go! Your body will try to repair the damage - but it doesn’t happen overnight, even with steroids.



Thank you Tina I know your right Just freaking out ( Again ) Thanks Graham