Energy Bills and ESA Medical.

I have been on the phone this morning to SWALEC about my bills I also asked them about a grant for those on Income Support,Pension Credits,DLA,ESA and Incapacity Benefits.

SWALEC do a grant for £120-00 off your power bills,just ring them up and ask them to send you a form out.I would asume that other companies may have this grant scheme to.

ESA Medical: Apparently when you have your ESA form get a letter off your doctor saying you need a home visit,write on the form you need a home visit and put in the envelope the doctors letter,BUT make a copy of it first as Benefits Agency often say they have lost forms and documantation,I dont know if this is true has anyone else done this?


Hi Charlie,

Earlier this year I got vouchers of £120 worth of electricity. I went onto my electricity suppliers website and as I am on ESA support group i was eligible.

It's worth checking. I've heard that you get these vouchers for three years running, but not sure about that.



Thankyoy Wendy I am now waiting for the form to arrive...


You can get a home visit for esa but they try to get out of it if they can! Definitely keep copies of everything they said as I have found many things go missing.

Hope you aren't in a rush for the ESA though there is an 8 week turnaround time!

I am in no rush,my form has been sent in and now just a waiting game.I went to an ESA medical with a friend the other week it was not to bad...BUT I hope I dont get the polish woman again a she runs hot n cold,angry then happy then angry.

25 minutes is NOT enough time to explain everything to a supossed health care professional..

My list is very long and there is not going to be enough time to explain all this.


Its really luck of the drawer as to who you get. The lady this last time was lovely but the guy I saw first well...... He told me I shouldnt be worried about epilepsy as everyone has epileptic seizures everyday!!!! When I asked what he meant he said when you are going off to sleep then jump that is an epileptic seizure. So I guess everyone had better stop driving then.

Turns out he was a physiotherapist!

Hope your friend gets what he needs.



Does anyone know if British Gas do the grant as I have had no luck when looking on the website but i am probably looking i the wrong place!



yes british gas do it.

just give them a call and they sort it out over the phone. well they did with mine anyway

The waterboard also does a scheme if you are sick or disabled,ring them up and ask about it,it can save upto a third off your water bills.

Here are the links for you all.



Hi, NPower do it too.



Here is an example of Welsh Water Assist.Please apply for it in your area:


E-On also do it I received a £120 credit for my key meter (electric)

I got my form this morning and I should get £130-00 off my electric bill as thats what it says on the letter.

Any money or vouchers given free is good for us all.

Hi Charlie...I got £120 in vouchers to load on my key for the electric meter.....I also got my water bill reduced by nearly halft the amount. Well worht checking out.




Hi Wendy I do not have them token/key meters.You are charged over £30 rental on them meters added to your bill.I pay direct debit for all my bills.If you go paperless bills you also save 1% off your bills.

I just need to take the Welsh Water Assist form for my doctor to sign..

They are well worth sending the forms back.

Spread the word as these things are not advertised.