End two child only benefits NOW

It may have been just brought in, but the two children only, to get family benefits must be rescinded immediately, billy and the wife will sorely miss the little bit extra that they would have received last year if only better planning or having a caring government

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Well, it has not “just” been brought in.
it was announced in 2015, and the effect started in 2017, and it does not affect family benefits it affects family tax credit, which is not quite the same thing.
To see how it works, and who will be affected, read:

When I came back to England after Army service in West Germany, there was no child benefit payable for the first child (as our first child was born in Germany, in a British Army hospital). This was in 1963, under a Tory government.
When I came back from Ireland (after two years selling British products) there was no child benefit payable for our second child (born in Ireland). This was in 1966 under a Labour government.
We got child benefit for our third child (born 1966, still under a Labour government).

We managed to bring up all three (even if we both had to work, at times) under successive governments, and all three children went to university (as did I) on Government grants, in the 1980s - under a Tory government.

What you can be sure of is that no political party gives a toss about the under paid, or single parents, or families with two children, or any other minority group, until it is time for a general election. Then, regardless of who wins, the other side will try to claim credit for any change that affects that minority - and will do this just before the mid-term local government elections. Now you are lucky if you even see a door-to-door canvasser (you might not even get a pamphlet through the letterbox).




going back a few years - Our village postmistress objected to the whole concept of child benefit - ‘if thy has children thy should look after them thisen’ When collecting the benefit from her she would throw the cash on the floor and hurl the book over the glass partition. Result of all this was that people were coming from far and wide and queueing up to get their allowance and observe her ‘performance!’

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oh heck - i dont really understand politics (does anybody?)

but max of 2 seems fair enough to me. times are changing drastically and i have some ideas but doubt if they are current pc correct so i will say no more!)

ellie (single mum to 4)


I eventually looked this up. It doesn’t affect child benefit: Claim Child Benefit - GOV.UK

But it does affect the amount of Child Tax Credit or Universal Benefit you might get: Families with more than 2 children: claiming benefits - GOV.UK

So Krakovians Postmistress would still get her audience. (Assuming people were not being paid straight into their bank account!)

And I doubt it would affect Geoff. However many children he goes on to father from now on!! (May he father many more, assuming he has a partner willing and able to bear them!)

It’s still iniquitous regardless of whoever is in the government when such a policy gets sneakily passed. Along with all the other unfair and just generally wrong policies we have to live with.