Emotional Wobble

Hi all… I am new to the MS forum. I was diagnosed with remit and relapse MS almost 10 years ago just before I discovered I was pregnant with my son. I have been extremely lucky over the years and have not relapsed since those that led to my diagnosis, I have had bad times with fatigue and pain in my legs/back but still consider myself fortunate in the bigger picture.

Over the past few months, from a little bit before lockdown I have been feeling very down and lethargic, feeling utterly helpless and hopeless and starting arguments with anyone that will let me, as well as breaking down into floods of tears over the silliest of things, getting myself in to a state over something I know isnt true or real. I am not sure where this is coming from, if it is stress affecting my MS or vice versa but I have been signed off work for a week and I am going to speak to my GP tomorrow about it.

I’m not really looking for answers… but despite the love and support around me, my heart you cant help but think “you will never really understand”, so after many many moons of thinking about joining this forum I thought I would finally reach out and say hello.

What kinds of things do you do when your emotions are as shaky as your nerves? Has anyone tried alternative therapies?

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I’m lucky enough that my kids are grown, so I don’t have to take care of anyone, but I learned years ago to take some time every day (or as often as possible) just for myself. This might be a long bath or sitting alone on the back porch or even just closing myself in the bedroom with a book for half an hour.

Let your housemates know that you love them but need some time to yourself, doing something just for yourself. Plan something that makes you feel good. Candles, wine, and a good book? A solitary picnic in the garden? Surfing the internet while looking for expensive clothes you’ll never buy? It doesn’t have to be elaborate or even take a lot of time. Buy yourself a box of your favorite chocolates and don’t share them. Get your nails done. Have a pizza delivered.

Hi Debbie

lovely to meet you.

Wobble? I’m one of the original weebles (remember them) weebles wobble but they don’t fall down, - unfortunately in my case i do fall down.

lock down has us all feeling peculiar, so if you are anything like me, stress makes balance worse.

I can’t have baths because i collapsed after getting out of a hot bath, bursting through the door and falling (naked) at the feet of my 17 yr old son, who although slightly traumatised very kindly covered me with a towel and brought my dressing gown. so now i’m a shower only person.

i can really get into a good book and a good drama on telly.

I’m sure you’ll find the way that’s best for you.

tonight i’ll be doing the chocolates and wine!

Carole xx


I have had Reiki, quite pleasant and a little strange because although the practitioner doesn’t touch you, I could feel heat where her hands would be if she wasn’t stood at a distance.

Aromatherapy, basically a massage with essential oils. I chose Frankincense because it’s good for the central nervous system and Bergomot because it is a “happy” oil.

HBOT (Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy) but covid means that the ms therapy centre is not open.

Probably Reiki would be best because it is more socially distanced.

Hello Debbie! I’ve had MS about ten years too and now have a twelve week old baby. I’m finding life pretty difficult and it’s easy for it to affect your relationship with others.

i’ve read many posts recently from desperate and frustrated people and thought setting up a zoom call which might help me and others. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks