Emergency Surgery

I had emergency surgery to take out a gangrene gall bladder. I was told major surgery and I could Have died without surgery. I am now Recovering. I have MS too. Wondering if I could get MS worse because Of this?

Hi Jan,

Almost the same as you; for the last 5 years I wore a convene; which is like a durex with a tube at the end that took the urine away.

It seemed I got a sore on me Willy and obviously with that not being the cleanest of areas ended up in the wait to get into hospital with a gangrene wily and dying.

Obviously he did not want me; but the ICU and the Ambulance staff were brilliant.

I had a strange conversation with the Surgeon afterwards. His precise words were “I suggest you don’t die again as you will probably end up a vegetable. So now I’m a ‘do not resuscitate;’ tell you what; I am not afraid of dying.

You will be great; this happened to me last Christmas; it’s taken 6 months but now I’m Fann-Dabby-Dozzy did not affect my MS.



i doubt it will make your ms worse.

i’m sure you will cope because you must be a strong person having been through that surgery.

recover fully and well.

carole x


​wow! another super strong person.

i know the old cliche ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ but wow! again.

really glad that you are feeling fann-dabby-dozzy

carole x

I had major abdominal surgery back in february. No affect on my MS. You should be fine, wishing you a speedy recovery x