Embarrasing Problem

Hi Every one

Hopè you are getting through this day happy as I am, well who wants a misiery I try to stay focused

But for this embarasing problem I find it SOOoooo depresing I leak from the back passage. Iam so fussy about poersonal hygine any suggestions solotions or am I unique in this

Hi Beatrice, it’s probably because you’re constipated. Even though you might be having a bowel movement every day you are probably not emptying your bowels properly, and that is when leakage occurs.

I would say you should see your MS nurse (if lucky enough to have one) or your GP. Both of them would have heard this problem many many times.

If you are not having a proper bowel movement every day then you should try a laxative. Again, GP could prescribe one or you could try an over-the-counter one from chemist.

Or the problem might be ‘loose stool’ in which case the GP will be able to prescibe something to harden it.

Also, if not already using it, try moist toilet paper, sold everywhere. Makes clean-up quick and easy.

Please don’t ever be embarrassed to post anything on here! We are all very much in the same boat!

Hope this helps,

Pat x

I have had several embarissing occasions usually when Im out driving or don’t have acces to a toilet when I dont have a small leak but a complete release of my bowls I alwas try to make sure that I empty my bowels at least 3 times before I leave the house that seems to work for me.