Embarrassing stool incontinence

I normally have constipation but over the last few months Iv felt quite weak n like my muscles are too weak to push, I’m So tired, but today I just thought I had wind but next thing im running to the loo as I started leaking. I was at home luckily but I was so embarrassed, now I’m scared to move, eat etc incase it happens again. I’m only 33 this shouldn’t be happening !!

hi pinkprincess

what horrors ms brings!

you need to see someone at the bowel and bladder clinic.

the nurses there are wonderful and they can talk to you about these embarassing things without batting an eye.

don’t get too upset, its happened to quite a few of us.

carole xx

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I have had this happen too. I know exactly how you are feeling.

I suffer really bad with the constipation thing but every now and again I have a slip up that you explained.

Like Carole says chat with your MS Nurse and she will refer you to the bladder and bowel clinic. My Nurse suggested taking a weak laxative (Fybogel is best for me as it just lets me go naturally and easily). This empties my bowel so I know I am safe once I have gone!

I really hope that you find something that will help you as you are very young to be suffering with this. Like Carole says there are a lot of us on here who get the same thing so don’t think you are on your own.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

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It happens to the best of us! I was mortified the first time it happened to me (and I was only 27), so I know exactly how you feel. Over the years I’ve gotten much better at sensing when I’m about to have a movement. A bit of info I heard that really helped me is the fact that our bowels are most active after eating. It’s definitely true for me, so I know now to be on my guard more after I’ve had something to eat. You might find it helpful to just go and sit on the loo after you’ve had a meal, just in case. Doing pelvic floor exercises could help too, as that should help improve your control.

And remember, just because this has happened doesn’t change the fact that you are a good person. Society may think it’s a shameful thing to have happened, but that doesn’t mean you are shameful - you are not.


Us humans are the only ‘animals’ who poo in a loo!!! All the others can go where they want. Accidents do happen - so do not beat yourself up over it.

My life revolves around the loo - l am not constipated - wish l was. l have very loose stools all the time and little or no warning. Every day l take meds to bung me up. Have tried using a Peristeen system - but it is really for people with constipation.

A bowl of chopped dried fruit - ie figs/prunes/apricots with linseeds and yoghurt will help get you going. Especially, after a strong espresso coffee. Try to keep to a gluten free diet as any type of grain/wheat can bung you up.

I have suffered this problem for over 5 years now. As i have no warning i found eating dried fruit made it so easy to go I couldn’t get to the toilet in time. This is probably the most upsetting thing I have had to deal with. Thanks he_funk for pointing out the after eating thing as the times I have gone out for a meal, left and about 5 mins later think OH GOD. I shall in future make my friends wait and have another drink first.

Hi Pink Princess,

I know exactly what you mean. In fact I got sooo worried about having poo accidents, having had a few, and trying to cope by myself with the fear of having another, that eventually I went to the doctor, cried on him, and asked for help as I couldn’t live with the fear any more.

He and the continence nurses have helped me get into a routine of opening my bowels most mornings. It took a few weeks but now I feel much more confident. I take I packet of Movicol every evening and I make sure I have a hot drink as soon as I get up in the morning (never did before as I don’t drink tea or coffee). Now I have a poo 3 or 4 or 5 times a week almost straight after having that drink, and if I don’t manage to then I know that it’s not going to happen until the next morning so I feel happy about leaving the house. Yes, there’s the odd occasion when things don’t go to plan. but generally it works for me and I am much moe relaxed about it all.

I hope you find a solution as believe me I know that bowel problems are the pits. You will get good advice from the continence nurses, they’ve seen it all before a million times. Good luck.


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thank you for all your replies, it’s made me feel a lot better, that im not the only one that deals with this.