Sorry in advance

Not dx - under investigation

A little while ago, I woke up in middle of night to find I was wetting myself. Flow stopped once I had realised and finished off in the loo!

My question is: This seems to be a one off incident - when the nero asks do I have any bowel or bladder issues - do I say yes or no???

FTR. I had emptied my bladder before going to bed. I had not drank anymore liquid than I normally do of a evening (1 or 2 glasses of water) There was NO alcohol involved. Was not dreaming of weeing. Very odd

Thanks. And sorry for posting anon

Hi there, As you may have seen from the posts on here - bladder and bowel problems are very common with MS. When you speak to the Neuro, just explain what happened. If further problems develop you will need some help and want it too, if it is a one off you lose nothing by telling the Neuro. Hth, Teresa xx

Agree with Teresa… just explain what happened.

No need to be embarrassed… with us or with neuro.

Pat x

Very common although mines the opposite. I struggle to empty. I refused seeing a continence nurse due to being embarrassed. Now im not a fased by it at all. Its part of the illness and so take as much help as they can give

Please don’t be embarrassed - it happens to an awful lot of us :frowning:

Do get checked for a UTI, just in case. They can cause all sorts of problems and can happen without any of the normal signs.

As the others said, just tell the neuro as you told us. They’ll have heard much worse, so don’t feel embarrassed with them either.

Karen x

(UTI = urinary tract infection)

Thanks for your replies.

Will tell neuro and just run the risk of it not being ms and just being a 30 (cough cough cough) year old who wet herself!! lol

Appreciate that you all replied. Will curb my blushes.


I was nursing when my symptoms started and didn’t tell anyone about my continence issues and it slowed my journey to a diagnosis down and upset my GP as she felt she’d let me down. Now it doesn’t bother me to answer questions honestly as some of these symptoms are very relevant and some can be helped. Pride and illness don’t go together unfortunately.