Electric shock when I lean forward/ get up


Had a really worrying development on Saturday. I leaned forward to stand up after sitting in a presentation for two hours and then felt as if I’d been plugged into the mains power supply. Legs and back. It lasted for no more than a few seconds, heart was racing and felt very emotional.

Existing symptoms
Walking/balance poor
Bladder - if it was an Olympic sport I’d be in team GB.
Speaking and memory both poor
Emotions like a yo yo

I’ve been in ‘the process’ of being diagnosed since Oct 2011 multiple MRI scans and lumbar puncture. My Neuro is waiting for more episodes so that I meet the criteria for MS diagnosis. I have lesions on C4 and T8 CSF showed 1 lymphocyte and oligoclonal bands in CSF not the serum.

So any ideas what happened on Saturday?

I have had this for while also, look up L'Hermitte's sign

Hi Simon, yes it could be L'hermitte's sign. Google it and see what you think. It used to be called 'barber shop syndrome' as people noticed it at the barbers when the lowered their head... chin to chest... see if it happens again or whenever you lean your head forward. If it does, contact neuro. It can be a sign of MS but it does happen in other conditions also.

Could also be result of fatigue. That's a long time to sit and listen to a presentation. I tend to have an increase in electric type buzzing in legs and torso when I'm fatigued. That would also account for the heart racing and feeling emotional. Fatigue is not like normal tiredness. It has a real impact on the body and the nervous system.

Possible it was a one-off. Wait and see but try not to worry. Unlikely that it is harmful in any way.

Take care,

Pat x

As the others have said, it sounds like L’Hermittes. It is caused by a spinal lesion.

It would be worthwhile contacting your neuro as this might be counted as new activity. (I’m assuming that it’s a new spinal lesion as you didn’t have L’Hermittes from the existing lesions.)

Karen x

L’Hermitte’s sign, looked it up. YES, thats exactly what happened !

Thank you all for responding so quickly, you’ve made such a difference to me today and will discuss with my GP in the morning and Neuro next week.

What a great place this forum is :-))) THANK YOU !