Electric shock sensation

Hi all. I’ve read about L’Hermitte’s sign, which people with MS can experience, which is where the sufferer gets an electric shock-type sensation when bending their neck. However, I’ve noticed that sometimes I will get a sensation in my leg(s) that starts off like a sudden, intense itch that very quickly turns into an electric shock-type sensation, and then my leg will do a small jerk because of it. It doesn’t seem to be connected to me bending my neck. Could this still be L’Hermitte’s or somehow otherwise connected to MS?

Hi tired1,

It’s not clear from your post if you have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but L’Hermitte’s Sign is a very charcteristic marker for MS.

It is caused by areas of damage that disrupt how the nerves carry messages within the brain and spinal chord. Before diagnosis, I experienced this myself. When I put my head to my chest, my quadriceps (muscles at the front of the thigh) tingled intensely. This sensation completely disappeared when I again raised by head.

The other sensation you describe is called a Myoclonic Jerk- A brief, involuntary twitch of a muscle or group of muscles. Hiccups is an example of an innocent type of myoclonic jerk, but myoclonus can also be a symptom of a number of nervous system disorders ie. MS, Parkinsons, Dystonia etc.

I suffer from Secondary Dystonia as a result of my MS. The following NHS link will give you a full explanation.

Your symptoms suggest Dystonia too (or Secondary Dystonia if you have MS!)



If it’s nothing to do with head or neck movements, then it’s not L’Hermitte’s. However, “electrical” sensations generally are not uncommon with MS.

I sometimes get zaps in my hands, similar to when you hit your funny bone. I can’t induce them on purpose, but for some reason they’re particularly common when I’m turning a tap. It has to be a real tap, and real exertion of force. If I just mime turning a tap, nothing happens.


Interesting reading as I have these feeelings in my legs too, mainly for some rason at night time when I am sat down. Apart from the stumbling, electric shock feelings in my right leg was one of my first symtpms but I ignored it at the time, never thinking things would ever get worse etc I am just amazed at all the things that our bodies can put us through.


Hi I haven’t been diagnosed with it but I think I mightI have it. It is worse shen I try and blow dry my hair, if I tilt my head to dry my hair I get horrific electirc shocks in both my legs.It feels like I am being zapped all over them with eleastic bands. I had to keep stopping yesterday it took about 4 attempts to dry my short hair. Not good you take care… nerve sensations are not not nice. Lou x