Hi everyone,

I was just wondering whether there is anyone else out there that suffers from Dystonia in more than one place? I currently have it in both feet and my eye (blepharospasm).

I have many more symptoms that I have collected over the last 7 years, I do not have an MS dx but keep an eye on the forum as I use some of the same drugs.

While my neurologist can dx Dystonia he has commented that it is very unusual to get it in more than one location, he can not shed any light on the matter of why this has happened. (the foot joined in about 4 months ago)

I have had a lot of other issues with burning pain, and problems with my bladder for which I have a sacral nerve stimulator implanted hence I cannot have an MRI.

Many thanks for your time.


Hi, I dont have MS either, but lurk around these boards as they are so friendly, interesting and even bonkers with the AD thread!

I`ve watched programmes on tv about dystonia. It looks a very distressing condition to have.

Some of the people said they could stall their movements by concentrating hard on something. But this was very fatiguing.



Thank you for replying, I am lucky that I have Botox injections in my feet and around my eye which eases the condition but it also leaves me with weakness in those area too.

I find the forum very helpful and friendly, it seems quite a few people take the same medication as myself.