Dvlc and cis

Hi all

Hospital appoimtment today.

Not much news really.

Met the consultant. She was surprised that i had not had another brian and spine MRI.

I have been chasing

Also need more blood test. Mainly because hospital can not see all the blood tests i have had.

I am in derbyshire but hospital lecestershire

Just seems like madness.

Also been told i need to tell dvlc and insurance about my CIS.

Its seems like consultant thinks looking at the mri that i have ms but cannot prove it? Also i dont have systoms.

Its ir right about telling dvlc and cis?


I have called DLVA and they have not heard of CIS or the full name. Not on the system.

They are sending me out forms though

CIS is clinically isolated syndrome. It is considered your first experience of MS but will not be labelled as MS until (and if) you have a second.

As clear as mud. In some cases they will see evidence of an earlier attack and you will remember unexplained symptoms for earlier in your life.

We all want a diagnosis to explain what is happening to us, but in a lot of cases it is not clear cut and observation over time is required.

Not sure if all neurological incidents have to be reported. My wife had a physical problem with one eye and after careful checking that did not need to be reported because the other worked.

DVLA are not too bad but it is another load of faff I expect you could do without. To a lot of us it feels like you are being kicked when you are down and the delays, particularly during COVID, are the last thing you want. But as a member of the public the last thing I want is people driving around who perhaps shouldn’t be.

thank you for your reply.
Days i wished I had never had an MRI

Started with a slightly numb face, mainly gone but some days it is bad but not like before.