Duet wheelchair bicycle

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I just discovered the existence of this today, and i got really excited! They’re made in the western end of my home state, and my understanding is that the cost is over 10,000 USD, but I thought this was a wonderful idea. Do they have these in Europe? You guys do a lot more with bicycles and the outdoors than Americans do, so if someone hasn’t made one of these, why not?

The same company also makes jogging strollers (push chairs?) for adults.

Never heard of them but considering how many hills there are in the UK it would be very hard on the person peddling.
Electric version would be a better idea.

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They actually make an electric version! Of course, I don’t want to think about how much it costs.

Omg, that looks terrifying NM!! Just visualising myself in the front wheelchair and my OH on the cycle part. Years ago he bought me a bike. Took me out on one cycle ride. It included a busy road and a really scary country path. I was just frightened the whole time. Never went out on it again.

So the thought of being in front of him cycling fills me with terror. Doesn’t matter if it’s electric or pedal power. Think I’ll show him and see what he says!! He’d probably say ‘not a chance’ because he knows how embarrassed he’d be of my bad language!


I know that’s not funny, Ssssue, but you made me laugh.

Around here, they’ve pulled out old railroad tracks and turned the beds into walking paths. There’s a small group that has bought a couple of these wheelchair/bikes and has begun using them for residents of a local care home. I honestly don’t know how I’d feel being on the front of one of them. I guess it would depend on how much I trusted the pedaler!


I trust my husband in almost every situation. But someone who jokes to strangers when pushing my wheelchair that, ‘she loves to freewheel down hills’ cannot be trusted with a wheelchair bike.

Surprisingly, he immediately started looking these bikes up. Needless to say, I will not be signing any life insurance policy forms any time soon.

Sue x

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the bad language could be a substitute for a lackey with a red flag clearing the way…

Looks like an interesting idea. I do think an electric version sounds smart.
They do sound hideously expensive.
Personally I’d opt for a sports tuned 2 seater quad bike… On second thoughts I am dangerous enough on an 8 MPH mobility scooter.
How about… 70MPH Mobility Scooter in the SNOW - YouTube

To do list for today:

  1. Get life insurance policy on Ssssue
  2. Become best friends with Colin Furze

Hmmm. In league with Mr Sssue?

I think Colin Furze is responsible for my head space shenanigans.