Drunk retard?

I have been having horrible sensory symptoms with my left leg not being able to stand without the help of a family member and walking aid.

I decided I would go for a little walk to try strengthen my leg, out of the blue somebody yells “out of the way drunk retard I haven’t got all day for you”

This has hurt my confidence a lot I feel terrible the incident happened a few hours agao but I’m still shocked by the mentality of of some people.I can’t describe in words how those harsh words have affected me.

Oh my gosh that’s awful! Some people unfortunately were dragged up instead of raised. I know it’s hard but try to keep your head up. You have an excuse for your problems. They have no excuse for being a s***head! I get some funny looks when I’m walking down the street holding my 3 year olds hand, looking like I’m drunk cos I’m all over the place. But thankfully no one has said anything yet. Massive hugs x

How awful. Some people are just disgusting and need lessons in manners and etiquette. As Littlekit said, dragged up. Please don’t let them bother you. Everywhere you go you will find the odd ignorant person but it’s their attitudes, most people grow up. You just hold your head up high and live your life, you’re trying to improve and carry on, they have no chance of a decent life with good people if that’s how they treat them. They make my blood boil but just because of their ignorance.

You’re better than that! They’re scum. Take care.

Min x

What an awful experience, I’m not surprised you’re still reeling from the shock, you probably felt humilliated and threatened at the time. We don’t expect people to behave in such a manner when we wouldn’t ever do so ourselves. I agree with the others, some people are dragged up, probably subjected to such inappropriate and aggressive behaviour all their lives and regurgitate it when they deem it appropriate. Still, it’s a confidence knocking situation and I can appreciate how you must feel.

This is that person’s baggage, they are rude and socially inept. Please take a deep breath and keep looking after yourself.

Lyn x

Just remember that this says more about the other ‘person’ than it does about you. You have nothing to feel bad about, and everything to feel angry about. They were ignorant and I truly believe that what goes around comes around.

Oh that’s dreadful, beggars belief the ignorance of some folk.

Try not to let ignorant people put you off.

Pam x

That’s pretty low. If such a thing happens again, maybe you should tell 'em where to shove it… “I’m ill, you’re a *&%$ - I have an excuse, what’s yours?”

Some disgusting people out there! That is absolutely horrible, please don’t dwell on it, chin up :slight_smile: Ash x

That imbecile is the retard…no sense to use politeness and say excuse me please.

Dont waste another seconds precious energy on it`.