Drug recommendation

Hi All, Mutual Support has a member who has asked me about treatments for particular symptoms that I couldn’t help him with as they are not ones I have badly enough to warrant taking anything. He has intense, unbearable burning and intense pins and needles - does anyone have any recommendations for drugs that help with these symptoms :?: Hope someone can help Thanks

I was first diagnosed with primary progressive ms in 1995 i could walk and was a nurse gadually my ms has worsened and I am now wheelchair bound, I am currently getting terrible spasms in my legs which are getting worse even with medication pregablin 200 mg twice daily does anyone else have same problem. Sandy123

Hi Sandy,

Some of us find that a magnesium supplement or spray is very helpful.

Available from supermarkets and health food shops. The spray is called Magnesium Oil but it is water based and easily absorbed throughout the skin.

Best wishes,


I use the magnesium spray. I spray it on my palm and massage it on my knees, where I get the pain and burning. It’s affective and instant.