Having had terrible feeling in left side of my head last few days again. Has anyone had problems with their reflexes in driving? Yesterday nearly had two accidents as my brain and feet don’t seem to be as quick at sending signals. Short drives feel like a 300 mile journey as it takes so much concentration to keep myself safe. It does not help when there is also so many bad drivers about. Been to optician recently and said difference in eye pressure from left side eye to right. Would this be responsible? Pain in left eye for three days, not sure what is wrong. When I move eyes left to right, takes a little second or two to get focused again. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Oh dear. It really sounds as if driving is dangerous for you (and other roads users) now.

As you know you have a problem, it would be foolish to carry on.

I gave up when I couldnt move my feet quickly enough…if you need to do an emergency stop…the results could be unthinkable.

Do take care hun.