Driverless Cars??

Watching sky news this morning talking about driverless cars, would you get one? Got to be less stressful than the wife driving me, but might miss the row’s. lol.

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You better hope I never meet your wife SquiffyG lol :slight_smile:

Haha blossom, I’m very brave, I also know she doesn’t read these forums, lol

In principle, they sound like a fantastic idea but I’m not sure how they will manage on a shared road with ‘ordinary’ traffic.


Hi Neil. From what I understand, they are already being used in some country’s?

There you go. The ladies have an excuse to put their make-up on while driving !!

Hope the wife doesn’t read this !! Andy

Gives the ladies the opportunity to fix hair and make-up - and phone a friend or 6.

For men - it gives them time to pick their nose - scratch their balls and study page 3.

Then fart - burp - and fall asleep.

We’ve had drive in movies, drive in burger joints, drive in car washes; is the world ready for my new invention…

drum roll…

Drive in garages!!!

(actually this idea occured to me in the half awake, half asleep stage this morning.)


Kev. Thought that was quick fit, I was just trying to decide whether to get cab or drive and not drink to a friends on friday where we are going for a meal, with a new driverless car, problem solved so we are about to have thousands of taxi drivers out of work??

I’m into technology! I’ll happily get into a driverless car!!

As someone who is (painfully and reluctantly) learning to drive in my 50s, I would welcome them with open arms!!