DOSULEPIN - Does anyone take this ?

Sorry me again.

DOSULEPIN can I have your opinions and thoughts on it please ? Does it help with nerve pain.

Im in lots of pain at the moment - the Gabapentin is not working :o(

S :o(

I took this years ago - for depression, so can’t comment on pain relief - and I put on SO MUCH weight (3 stone). Just a heads up!


Known as Dothiepin-an antil depressant. As is Amytriptyline-its recognised to help in MS in low doses for nerve pain but dont know how effective Dothiepin is in this situation.

Hope someone can answer your question.

Ellie x

PS As I said in my original reply, Amytriptyline is effective in MS when u get the correct dose.

It’s a tricyclic like amitryptiline so should theoretically work in exactly the same way. They are considered quite ‘dirty’ drugs as they act on many receptors beside their target ones - in fact neuropathic pain relief is one such side effect. There’s a heap of others than might affect you - mostly inconvenient rather than intolerable, I got away with weight gain, sedation and dry mouth.