done too much,how do you get used to this?

hi everyone. This morning I tried to be clever. I started cleaning my wetroom, and I don’t think it’s an easy job, the non slip textured flooring is a pain to clean. Today I had wiped all the easy surfaces,then decided to give the shower stool a good clean. I got down on my hands and knees and I could see the underside of it was filthy. My wetroom doesn’t have a window (it was originally part of my bedroom), so there is a fair bit of accumulated mildew, not noticeable from a sitting position. Well I was disgusted by all this dirt and I set to scrubbing,bleaching and wiping it. While I was on the floor I also scrubbed the nasty floor. After over an hour I was pooped, but couldn’t stand up. I had to crawl into my bedroom and haul myself onto the bed by the bedding, where I just collapse in a heap. 10 minutes later my son came home from school demanding his lunch, followed by my husband wanting his lunch. What I want to know is when (if ever!), do you get used to not being able to do what you used to do. I have been diagnosed nearly 6 years and before that I was probable MS for 2 years so you would have thought I would know my limits, but,NO!! I hope you have more sense than me.

Lynne x

Hi Lynne,

I dont think we ever do get used to it, i have been diagnosed nearly 20 years now, and i still try and do the housework, like i used to do,if i have a good few hours or days, i think to myself i feel ok, so i start doing all the jobs that i couldnt do previously,and then i am flat out sometimes crying in agaony, for days or even weeks, telling myself i wont do that again, but you know what, i do it all over again, i could kick myself at times.

jaki xx

As others have said, I don’t think you ever get used to not being able to do as much. I often do far too much and then regret it! I was told in the early days to embrace the dust bunny, that was one piece of advice I did listen to. It really doesn’t matter if the house is a bit dusty. Try and pace yourself if you can and try to make time to rest after doing something that wears you out. Easier said than done though!

Hi Lynne, i use H G bathroom mould spray its great, just spray leave for 20mins then a little scrub takes all the mould away. I cant stand my house being untidy or dusty so its a must for me to clean a little every day. julsiexx

I’ve had this experience this week, I had too much on and I said yes to everything and ended up having to cancel my meeting last night cause I felt so tired and sore. I’m looking forward to my kids being a bit older so they can get thir own drinks and stuff, its all the little jobs that add up.

Hi Lynne

Get used to is never! i am still prob ms, and since 2007 when i first noticed something wrong i now can hardly walk and never go anywhere alone.

Every year there is more deterioration and jobs get harder it’s a fact. My family help out more but i still do as much as i can.

Good luck and take it easy just do what you can and thats all anyone can expect

Tracy x