Does this sound like MS?

Around 8-10 months ago, I developed some symptoms that prompted me to see a neurologist - mainly mild muscle twitching and a killer headache that stuck around for over a week. I had brain MRIs done, and everything came back normal. My neurologist ASSURED me that my symptoms were NOT MS. Flash forward to the present. For over a week now I’ve had killer neck pain on the left side, some headaches (nowhere near migraine level), and more recently, some joint stiffness and muscle/joint pain that comes and goes. I’ve also had a decent bit of fatigue, like I can barely bring myself to get out of bed in the morning. We’ve ruled out quite a few things - it’s nothing cardiovascular, it’s not HIV, it’s not Lyme, it’s not thyroid. All my blood counts were fine. Well I was having a chat with the radiologist today while he was doing some imaging of my veins, and I was telling him my symptoms. One of the first things he asked me is, “Do you have any family history of MS?” I told him I’d had an MRI and it was clear. His response was basically that it’s been long enough that it could potentially be MS and not have shown up on my last MRI. So I ask, is it possible that my episode 8-10 months ago was an MS flare-up, and this is my second? Or do you think I should be comfortable with my previous MRI? My neurologist can’t get me in to see me again until the end of August…

Should also add that my hands and feet seem to fall asleep pretty easily when I’m at my computer - i know tingling/numbness is a sign.