Does Baclofen help with chest spasms?

Anyone out there experiencing chest spasms know what medication may stop the recurrence?

I used to be on Baclofen for my leg spasms, theyre bearable now, so I stopped taking them. Perhaps I should restart, have a supply in abeyance.

Advice greatfully received.



Hi Bren

I take baclofen for spasms, and whilst they do not stop it, they do

take the edge of them, makes it easier to cope with.

Pam x

thanks Pam. I think Ill have to start taking them again. Been trying to get hold of ms nurse, nobody there, never is. Also gp - phone constantly engaged. Thank goodness for this site eh.



sent you a pm.

jaki xx

My MS nurse said they wouldn’t help with ‘the hug’ I am guessing that’s what you mean by chest spasms. I am on Baclofen for leg spasms and can’t say they’ve helped with the chest spasms. Taking Amitriptyline at night helped at first and I’m sure I’d notice if I stopped taking it; I listen to my MP3 player when i go our on my buggy and that does seem to help. Sometimes nothing helps except keeping cool and relaxing.Oh and removing or undoing the bra.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy,

Ive noted perhaps taking off ones bra may help with the tightness. Ive spoken to gp who thinks I should go back onto Baclofen. Im already on amytryptiline, so pill intake on the up once more. I did try wean off them to see what difference there would be - result, ms still doing its thing regardless.

Its so hard knowing what to take for what. Sharing is brilliant, if it werent for this site, and nobody at home when phoning up, well who knows, so thanks for advice. What would we do without other msers advice.

take care,



I think you will find Baclofen dose not help relieve ‘The Hug,’ if that’s what it is. See and show your GP.

Unfortunately the MSS do not offer much about this common symptom.

Good luck


Its so hard knowing what to take for what.

My MS nurse was advised by another Neuro that Valium is good for this but neither my doctor or I thought it a good idea for me, as it can be addictive. However I have read messages on this site from people who do use it and apparently it works.

I hope you get somewhere with it.

Wendy x

Thanks Wendy & George. My gp rang me this afternoon and said to try Baclofen. If not to get back to him. Im also going for an ECG to make sure its not heart connected. Ive had one before and all was ok.

I still think the list of symptoms we msers suffer should be periodically increased, so we have more knowledge of what to take and when.

thank you for your input,



Hi Bren x I’ve just been given Baclofen for muscle spasms & stiffness and was told it would help with my legs, back & most importantly for me - the ‘hug’ - as I get it really bad x

He explained that the ‘hug’ has the same cause as the spasms and spasticity I get in the legs - it’s just that it’s a different set of nerves & muscles being affected xx

I’ll let you know how the Baclofen goes for me xxxxxxjenxxxxx

I have a friend who says it does help her with ‘the hug’. My MS nurse with many years experience said it wouldn’t help me and I belive she is right, as it hasn’t . I take Amitriptyline for ‘the hug’ and back pain. Another drug that has been mentioned to me and others on this board is Vallium.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy & Jen,

I would be pleased to hear if indeed Baclofen works for you Jen. I took extra yesterday because I had a sharp pain in between my shoulder blades, right in the middle of my body, no idea what it was, but it was getting worse by the minute, lasted nearly all day, then I upped my baclofen and it faded around 11pm last night. Not had it today. Wendy, I also take amytrptiline at night, so perhaps dosing up with baclofen and amytryptiline works together.

Its so hard working out what works for us isnt it. Im never quite sure what my pains are. Recently had scan of my heart and something was found, so Im waiting for results.

I would say to anyone who has prolonged pain in and around the chest to get it checked out because it could be much more serious. We automatically assume its ms, but alas its not always and we and gp could miss something if we insist its always that. In the meantime, keep taking the pills, for we cannot live in pain, its hard enough as it is.

Take care everyone,