Does anyone have CHC funding?

My brother is completely bedridden and was assessed for CHC funding but didn’t get it. We are going to appeal against the decision as I don’t think it can possibly be correct. His memory isn’t working quite correctly and they assessed him in the morning. He wouldn’t have said that by the afternoon he was incapable of some of the tiny movements he can do in the morning and he would have tried to sound like he was managing because he didn’t realise quite what he was being assessed for. How incapacitated does someone have to be before they get CHC funding? My brother can speak and not much else. He can move his arms a tiny distance to reach things on his bed. He needs drinks thickened. He can swallow some food and some cause him to choke. He wears a nappy as he doesn’t have complete control over his bowels. He is given ability by using Alexa to meet his needs. He can get Alexa to open and close curtains, turn lights on, answer the door or phone, turn on the tv but otherwise he needs help for everything. How bad does
Someone need to be before they get funding?

I think the criteria is that the person needs ‘nursing care’ rather than just help with everyday living or social care.

I’m only speaking from my own experience with my Mum who had COPD and mixed dementia. I had to really fight for her to get CHC though, and it was a hell of a battle.

Have you considered getting an advocacy service involved? They can sometimes help with these things.

Try looking here for more information -

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Thanks so much for your reply. We have an advocacy involved just now to appeal it. The line between nursing care and social care seems very vague. He cannot move by himself hardly at all and without movement would potentially get an aneurism. He is at risk of bed sores. He cannot manage his own toileting so needs to use a nappy. Even if someone was available to take him his bowels do not seem to work very well and he can’t tell when he needs to go easily. His swallowing is poor and his liquids need thickening. All of these could be social or medical - so confusing. Hopefully the advocate will help but I am not sure if I need to help by giving further information. How bad does someone need to be before CHC kicks in?
The link you gave me was really useful as they haven’t given us the list of the results and apparently we should have them. This will help with the appeal I think so we can see where he didn’t meet the criteria.

Hello Potteryanne, I am so sorry to read about your brother’s condition.
I really hope you get the right outcome quickly here



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As Willowtree says, there is usually a nursing input. I have district nurses to change my catheter monthly and check my skin monthly.

The Social Services now share my care cots with NHS.


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Thanks. He is trying to get a catheter fitted but is finding it difficult to organise. His skin is bad around his head but the care workers generally deal with that. Thanks for your information. Xx

Hi, your brother will need to see a urologist to have a catheter fitted. A referral from his GP will be needed. There are 2 types…an in-dwelling, which goes into the penis and into the bladder. I have the other type ie supra pubic…this goes into a hole in the lower abdomen and into the bladder.