Does anyone get a 'zing' shoot through their head?!!

Several times a night I'm getting a high-pitched ping or zing shoot through the back of my head from the left to the right. It shoots across and is disturbing but not painful. Can't find out anything about it!! Anyone have/had anything similar? Thanks

Yep. It went away after a few months. If I was stressed it used to be worse.

Sorry can't be much more help. I asked my neuro about it and he said it wasn't MS related, I can't think what else it might have been.

It was certainly odd.

Hi Deb,

Not on anti-drepressants, and have recently quit/cut down/missed a couple of doses have you?


HI Deb,  I get electric shock feelings in my head, it feels like my brain is jumping in my head.  When I first started getting this my Doc put me on anti-deps, once I got used to them, the shocks would come back, so the dosage went up.  I'm now on a different kind of anti-deps and the shocks have come back!!!

Speak to your Doc, let us know what he suggests/says.  According to any medics I have spoken to, they say it is an MS thing.


keep smiling

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Hi again

Just to clarify it wasn't antidepressant related in my case. I wasn't on them nor ever have been. Though I was going through quite a difficult personal time with one thing and another.

My non-expert opinion is that it was one of the annoying vagaries of MS.

I wasn't impressed with my neuro and didn't have any confidence in his opinion.

Morning - no, not antidepressant linked at all. I've never been on antidepressants before or depressed, I've only just been given Ampy... in a very low dose the last couple of days for the buzzing etc but this has happened before that. It's incredibly weird and not at all pleasant - but at least short lasting. Don't wish it on you but it's good to know others know what I'm talking about! 


Hi, I don't get a zing but I frequently get a bang... like a bomb going off in my head. This bothered me for a couple of years and my neuro just gave me the 'sideways look' and changed subject... so I did a bit of research on internet.

The bang I get is called 'exploding head syndrome' (I kid you not!) and is a known neurological condition (wouldn't you think the neuro would have heard of it!).

Anyway, back to your zing, I wonder if it's a form of same thing? Google 'exploding head syndrome'... 

I usually get my bang just as I'm falling asleep... really makes me jump out of my skin!

Pat x

Ooh-er Pat, I will google that. What a weird neuro world we live in. My daughter says she feels like her head is full of water - maybe it actually is, lol!!!

Hi, I was getting these shocks long before I was put on anti-deps, the doc thought they would calm the shocks down, it was not due to being depressed, I was told it was MS related. I take Amitrypteline daily to calm my bladder but they don’t do anything to calm the shocks.


Sounds similar to l'hermittes; maybe similarly caused but lesion elsewhere?

Hi ive had this, didnt like to mention it but glad im not alone, a sharp bang just as im going to sleep. gd luck all... Tony.

This is a very interesting thought!

It certainly sounds like an electrical ping might do. It also comes with a similar pressure/tension/build-up I often get before my body jerks. Had enough of my weirdnesses now!

i don't get a zing but i have a weird sensation of falling off a kerb just as i am falling asleep. i've had this for most of my life so probably not ms related. it wakes my husband up because although it's an imaginary kerb in my head, my body reacts as though it's a real fall.


carole x