Does anyone else use Gycerin Suppositories?


As i have had a few bouts of incontinence in the past and soon i will be starting a full-time office job, my bowel specialist nurse recommended i use (& prescribed) 4g glycerin suppositories every other day, to prevent the risk of fecal incontinence at work.

i am happy to do this if it prevents the risk of incontinence

But i have tried using a suppository two times now, and i cant get it too work,

several times, after insering the suppository it came back out so i read you should keep pushing it further in the rectum until you reach your first knuckle,

a few timesit still immediately came back out, but it finally stayed in, laid for 30 minutes but didnt need to go , so sat for 30 minutes but astill no urge or need to have a bowel movement, so i sit on the toilet and after about 20 seconds just the suppository slides back out

i look at it and it seem to still be in the same bullet like shape

this has occured on the two times i tried

So is this normal??

where am i going wrong? or could it be that my bowel was not ready or empty so there was nothing to evacuate?

my life would be so much easier not having to worry about bowel incontinence, bladder incontinence is enough

thank you

Hello Adam. Lay on left side…thats the correct position for large bowel. Insert suppository until all of your finger inserted…use your longest finger. Try and lay as long as possible…then good luck lol

PS: just be gentle with movements you’ll know when your in and won’t really need to go that far. When I inserted them as a nurse, I only needed to use half of my finger and I have small hands. xxx

Hi, I use a half of a suppository every day to clear out my bowels and I couldnt live without them. I run it under a hot tap for a few seconds before inserting it. I also use rubber gloves from lakeland to push it up as far as I can.

I usually go within 5 minutes and then I insert my gloved finger in after just to make sure all is out - to clean the rectum. This stops leakage.

Moyna xxx

Hi Adamt If these suppositories are the same as Bicosodyl suppositories they really make me mad. I tried them but felt it was like shoving a mini wax candle up my bum. They didn’t work for me either. I thought how on earth can the wax disolve to work. Sorry I realise lots of people have success with them. So instead I am prescribed Norgilax. This is a system where you squirt liquid up your bum. So no dissolving and they work for me. Hugs Min xx


Microlax - is also very good - and quick. lts a mini-enema. Like the glycerine suppositories - you do not need a prescription. Just google them. l think amazon sell them. Tiny little squeezy bottle - easy to do - and quick to work. Must be similar to what Min mentioned.

You dont need a prescription for microlax just ask as over the counter…i use them.and just go to chemist and buy them…little bottle squeeze in liquid try and hold and then helps

I use a suppository every other day but none of this upto the knuckle business!

I only just place it inside and then quickly move into a seated posiition for a couple of minutes and 9 times out of 10 it stays in place! appreciate we are all different but that works for me

I know I shoudln’t laugh but I find it quite funny that were going on about suppositories and Adam’s not had the decency to come on and let us know if he’s had any success lol Some people, honestly!!

I had to use them for a little whilefor a different medical condition and they are definitely a pain in the … erm … fundament!

One tip that the very good practice nurse at my last GP passed on was about which way round you put them in (no sniggering at the back there, this is true!)

Shape wise you would think that the tapered-off end should go in first but she told me that it should be the FLAT end.

She said that his had been news to her but her daughter - also a nurse - had been doing some time working in a hospital unit where a lot of the patients had gastro/rectal issues had been told this and passed the info on to her.

It does help and I was very grateful for the info but I did tell my nurse that I shuddered to think what their conversation round the family dinner tabel were like

online sites say to insert the suppository up to the first knuckle, so are you sure its okay to push it in until your entire finger is inserted?

i think it mustn’t have worked before because i only inserted the suppository 1-2" inside?

does anyone use a mirror when in serting as half the time i try it justpushes on my skin n falls to the floor

is it still okay to use if the suppository has been refridgerated so its firm, rather than squidgy and soft at room temperature?

Oh BobLatina!! I got to the bit about no sniggering at the back and I was laughing out loud. My poor little granddog I’m looking after is barking at me…she hates me being noisy.

Adam adam adam!! I’m struggling here to help. Maybe you should try putting in the other way.

Sorry bet can’t type this for laughing.

Good luck

Thanks for that jen…you’ve set me and the dog off again. I was trying to think of ky jelly

PS: the poor little dog!! everytime I upset with laughing she starts crunching on her biscuits.

So can someone clarify if youy should insert the whole finger when inserting the suppository to push it higher up?

i know this subject is hilarious to some, but its important to my quality of life

Seriously Adam forget about the glycerin suppositories…there not the only things out there.

Take the good advice given by spacejacket on the 21st and try the microlax.

PS: if you used all your finger gently, nothing terrible would happen…my husband does it all the time xxx

By the way Adam!! the bowel is a muscle. Relax and laugh…its good…I wasn’t laughing at you

Hi I have tried `em, but just cannot keep the little blighters in long enough to do the trick.

As soon as theyre in situ, I get the urge and out they pop! You are advised to hold them in place for at least 15 chuffin chance of that happening with me and my slack, sloppy sphincter…sorry of that`s TMI!

I think they`re only meant to shift the stools close to the opening…even small laxatives which district nurses give me, dont do much more.

luv Pollx

This thread as gotta stop…my bladder can’t take much more

Jen…you are a naughty girl

Ive now got some micralax, but it says on the leaflet:

  • Prolonged use of this medicine should be avoided. If symptoms persist, you need to use a laxative every day, or if you have persistent abdominal pain, you should consult your doctor for advice. Prolonged use may also affect the absorption of some vitamins and cause diarrhoea and fluid loss.

so has anyone used microlax on a long term basis, if so, how long have you been using it?