i had a regular yearly appointment at the hospital,i have seen same doc on last 3 occasions,today he said he felt hopless as he cant do anything tto help me,e said if i worsen it will be neuro i see and not him,he said no point in coming back next year,i waited 3\4 of an hour and in doc for 5 mins,saves me the trouble of finding parking space,etc,he said if dvla write to im about driving capability,he is going to suggest a driving appraisal,thanks doc

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you have not already seen a neurologist?

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oh soddin hell colin!

why were you seeing this non-neuro anyway?

at least once a year i get an appointment to see my ms specialist neuro and if he can’t be there i see a ms nurse.

that sounds like a kick in the teeth putting you forward for a driving appraisal.

have a good cuss (if you want some advice on bad words, ask me -not).

carole x

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I am confused as to who u have been seeing???


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Me too, confused I mean. What kind of medic says he’s helpless and can’t do anything! The very least he can do is refer you to someone who can.

Best of luck

Jan x


I don’t get an annual review with GP, MS nurse or neurologist.

The neurologist discharged me two and a half years ago because he “can’t do anything for me”

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I don’t have a consultant (the one who diagnosed me retired and I wasn’t assigned another) and didn’t get an annual review with my MS Nurse till I started to significantly deteriorate five years ago. I was assigned a Nurse when diagnosed and rang her when I needed advice, I was under the impression everyone with a diagnosis was assigned a nurse they could contact if necessary. Although I have been corrected about this previously.

Surely moral support is “doing something” just knowing I could ring my Nurse gave me peace of mind and confidence that someone was only a phone call away.

It’s something else to question the politicians about when they come calling for a vote in the weeks to come, my list is getting longer.

Jan x

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years ago,he was saying if ting got worsee

that is a good question,ive been down at hospital for my 5 min chats for quiet a long time,they ave got me a wheelchaair and passed me onto physio,but the original doc retired,and new doc in charge,so no more visits,tbh,im quiet happy at that,but not keen on driving appraisal,if i get one