How long after Dr suspected MS did you get a hospital appt? Also what happens next?

I have had symptoms for quite some time and because my mum had Ms I would go and say had this that or the other could it be Ms and was almost laughed at and told not hereditary and it won’t be that. I have since left symptoms as part of me doesn’t want to know if I have it or not. Then Thursday I went to opticians and had a field vision test and left eye failed twice came back Friday and failed twice again. The optician is writing to my dr to get me referred to eye specialist up hospital.

Over the years I have pins and needles in my finger tips, numb patch on my belly, had numb toe, get electric shock feelings in between shoulder blades which occasionally goes down my arm when I extend arm, tiredness, vertigo which docs said was labyrinthitis, shaking hands when hold things sometimes, struggle to get words out, pins and needles bottom of feet on waking, need to wee a lot in night, drop things a lot, vision in dimly lit rooms not so good out of left eye, eye pain.

i went to Drs today as had a numb patch of skin on my tummy for over 3 months she said she thought my toe and tummy were pressure points as near wear my bra sits. I said about my pins and needles in my fingers as had them while I was there she asked if anything ran in family I said diabetes then she said she would get me tested for that and check something else (can’t remember what). She then said Ms in family I said yes she said there’s a chance it could be that. She said that we will see what blood test says then I asked if she thinks it’s Ms she said difficult to know as goes off patterns.

Wondering what will happen now if blood tests come back ok.

I have now got to the point now where I want to know one way or the other.

So how long after doctors suspect Ms will they refer to hospital or do I need to go up docs every time I have anything for a while before I will be sent for Mri or lumbar puncture? Also do they do either one first?

sorry for rambling on.


Last point first: if MS is suspected, the hospital specialists generally do the less invasive MRI first and see what that tells them and then take it from there.

Whatever the GP blood tests are for, you will get the results back soon and I think you should then ask the doctor what, if anything, happens next. It might be a good idea in the meantime to confirm (if you have not already done so) with the optician that they have written to the GP. That’s another piece of information for the GP to take account of when thinking about what to do next. Whatever the GP proposes, please do take the opportunity to ask her about what you should do about any other strange stuff that crops up.

You already know from experience that GPs aren’t always in a rush to refer, but it seems to me likely that the defect in your visual field will help to get the ball rolling. Some hospitals have Opthalmology Outpatients emergency clinics (yep - been there!) where the GP can send you to be seen very quickly. My experience has been that the Opthalmologist will commission an MRI directly if needed - that can all happen pretty fast. However, if the GP refers you to a normal Neurology or Opthalmology Consultant’s outpatients clinic, it can take a good bit longer.

Good luck.


Thanks for replying Alison.

I will make sure I ask GP what to do if anything crops up.

The optician said he would write a letter to my GP and I have informed my Gp that she will receive a letter soon. I guess I just go have the blood test and see what results are then play the waiting game. Optician said I am probably looking at 2 months to see eye specialist at hospital. When I said I have had eye pain and my mum had Ms he did say might be a bit quicker.

Sounds like you have been through it all, have you been diagnosed with MS yet? If so, did it take a while to get that diagnosis?


I was dx quite a few years ago. It came on quick and strong and looked like MS from the start. My GP referred me to the neurologist straight away. He noted it all and sent me away to wait and see. The second relapse came a couple of months later - the neurologist didn’t seem too surprised to see me again! - and he sent me for an MRI followed by LP to confirm what we pretty much knew already. Onset to formal MS dx was about 5 months.


I take it the optician was satisfied with the pressures in your eyes, you dont mention this. Was it a routine appointment or was there some other reason you went?

Everything else was fine was just a routine appointment.

Hi all, I’m new here and like many others I’m trying to see what other people’s experiences have been on the road to diagnosis. I’ve been referred by GP for MRI, letter received today that telephone assessment to take place next week. Not sure what that entails! My symptoms have been; widespread pain more so down right side, electric shocks, tingles in fingers and feet, facial numbness (as though dental anaethestic wearing off), off balance, irritable bladder, reduced fine motor skills to name a few! Two weeks ago I went into a hot tub and a few hours later I was suffering with dreadful vertigo. The awful sensation caused me to be sick several times. This continued until is taken medication for a week. I’ve recently had 2 episodes of double vision in my right eye which really freaked me out.

It certainly feels like many in the same boat are suffering with the same frustrations and anxieties. I’m seeing a urologist next week so I’m hoping the night time bathroom trips can be reduced, especially as my bathroom is downstairs!!

All words of advice gratefully received! xx

Hi annie wow that was like reading about myself im waiting for neuro appointment myself first one been waiting a month now Hope you get some answers at your appointment good luck

Annie my symptoms are similar to yours but still have to wait 6 weeks & no mri on horizon yet ( been waiting 8 weeks damn)

Kat x x

Same here kat hate this waiting as i feel poorly not got a date for my neuro appointment yet guess patience is a date virtue.