Do you use Hiprex?

Hi all,

My hubby has been recommended Hiprex anti bac tablets for urine infections and acidity.

Have you tried these and how do you find them?



Hi, no not heard of hiprex. But I have my 3rd uti this year and am on 3rd lot of anti-bs.

How often does your hubby get utis and is he mobile?

I am wondering if being a full time wheelie is causing my infections?

luv Polllx

MS43 Huby has a suprapubic catheter and before that ISC and yes he is always having infections.

The MS nurse mentioned Hiprex and so awaiting the GP to see if he can prescribe it…It is an antibacterial and not an antibiotic. It makes the urine acidic which in turn stops bacteria thriving…So they say

Well Pharmacy have just delivered the Hiprex but before Hubby starts them we will speak to the Urologist first.