Do you know???

Can I just ask a question psl guys?

You know all the forms we have to fill in RE benefits (heavy on all our minds right now) how do we fill in? When doing my DLA I was told by many to fill in as a bad day (which I have mainly we never ever ever have a free hour away from my MS one way or another). But we have all new things coming in and as we change by the day/week/month/year how do we fill them in?

See I change by the hour…I wake shaking, spasms, unable to grip/hold anything, crying with pain, cant stand properly or weight bare, cant see right, slurred speach, gag no working and choking etc…after meds and by lunch it sometimes begins to ease…or it can get much much much worse and I have to stay in bed, or it can be so bad I am screaming into a pillow (so as not to scare kids) or…need hospital, or…you know… So we cant honestly tell what the next hour/day/week will bring…

How can a condition that leave people one day be unable to stand and have to be carried… to another day walking???

The DLA have always told me they know this and it is a condition they know can change from one week to the next…

thank you

I recommend joining the benefitsandwork website. It explains everything really well.

Anu posted a link yesterday to a special offer on subscriptions - £15 something to join for a year. If you are likely to be filling in any forms this coming year, it will be money well spent in my opinion.

Karen x

Agree with Karen… join Benefits and Work. They have step-by-step guides to all benefit applications and appeals for members.

The membership is discounted until midnight tonight… so a great day to join. Also has very useful chat forum.

Pat x